Create the ultimate, sticky product landing page

Never again have customers leave your product page to find answers elsewhere, ensure zero distractions during the customer purchase process and have customers find the answer they are looking for right near the 'buy' button

Convert customers with trusted, real questions and answers

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Product Pages that speak to the Modern Customer

Connect your customers directly with each other, which is far more powerful than exposing them solely to brand-generated content. Create a passionate community of shoppers, experts, and customers proofing your storefront with real-life experiences.

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Answer Questions in three different ways

Go beyond Ratings and Reviews with more interactive, two-way dialogue that captures customer loyalty and delivers deep engagement.

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Manage Content Easily.

The ResellerRatings RX Suite allows for end-to-end management experience. Social Q&A integrates directly and cross functionally among all your other collected data for your products.

"...Social Q&A empowers your brand and product followers to build a sense of community and express their thoughts and concerns among themselves and with you. "

Amauri C, VP of Marketing eShopportunity
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On-Site Conversion

Community and Expert powered answers


North Shore Commerical Door has collected over 4998 questions, with over 2029 answers using ResellerRatings Social Q&A!

North Shore Commercial Door

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On-Site Conversion
  • Question and Answer Search

    Allow customers to dig deep and find answers to their specific problem with text highlighted search

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  • Featured Questions and Answers

    Showcase featured questions and the best answers by using our sticky feature

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  • On-Page Question and Answer Submission

    Allow anyone, or restrict authenticated users to leave questions and / answers.

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  • Voted Comments

    Find out the what the most critical questions are that need answering with question voting

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On-Site Conversion

Customer Powered Answers

Encourage past customers who have bought a product to directly answer questions from other buyers in a non-intrusive, spam free way.

You can launch social questions across all your products, or individual product sets, to continuously have your shopping community, engage and answer questions for your, turning your shoppers into part of your team.

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On-Site Conversion

Accelerate Q&A content across your catalogue for maximum coverage.

Our innovations make the management, coverage and syndication of Q&A content across your website easier to manage. Share your customers answers across your catalogue so one question that's relevant to an entire brand, can be synced up across all those products!

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One Central Management Hub

Answer, Approve, Bookmark and Manage

Designed with care to work with your team of one, to your team of many. Workflows and smart considerations work together to remove the burden of Questions and Answers management from your team.

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Content Filtering

Manage and eliminate explicit language when you auto-publish questions. Manage reported content easily by filtering for reported content.

Competitor Blacklisting

Remove competitive names automatically or have competitive content routed automatically to an internal source for a closer look before publication..

Top-Voted Commentary

Search and highlight top-voted community commentary to isolate key players or key concerns and issues that you can address across all your products.

Share Content Across SKU's

Taxonomy management allows you to get the most out of your content. Syndicate your content out to get the most out of it, expanding content across multiple brands, products and categories.

Filter Data

Easily filter through all the questions and answers in your taxonomy and find out important and common questions quickly and efficiently.

Dynamic Content Routing

Have internal experts or a team that you want to answer questions as soon as they come in? Dynamically route questions based on our rule engine.


Whether you're starting your business out, or a major Enterprise, we have a solution and plan built for your needs and platform of choice.

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