Collect the most Trusted Third Party Reviews

Not all content comes equal. ResellerRatings collects stories that inspire confidence and pulls in amazing amounts of review data, as well as classification data.

We've run dozens of studies on our collection tools. Depending on brand affinity, conversions rates for various tools can be as high as 15%.

A Smart Survey.

Our survey collection methods put the consumer first. Unobtrusive, intelligent, reacts and plays well with others. Our surveys are designed to pull in consumers, push conversion and are sent out during optimal hours.

Our methods of pulling in review content leads to over 30% open rate and up to a 6-15% conversion rate on reviews.

Accelerate with No Code Implementation

Our Accelerator is a method of collecting Brand reviews without having to implement code. It's not for autonomous collection, but if you're in a pinch, it can get your started with Brand or Product Solicitation.

ReviewGuard Framework

Our reviews are backed by some heavy data intelligence systems. These systems are all engaged and can be customized to ensure you are able to collect the most reviews possible, while dealing with problematic reviews, engaging with customers, and controlling how content can be syndicated...all integrated into an easy to use workflow.

ReviewGuard does all sorts of special and nuanced things like -

  • Auto user generation - no login barriers
  • Anti-Fraud Systems for Consumer and Client Protection
  • Smart authentication for customers - allowing them to leave more reviews with out barriers
  • Competitor check
  • Tagging data framework
  • Social syndication control

Customize your collection method.

There are many options that allow our collection methods to integrate into your platform and business. You can control how many questions you ask, where in the purchase chain the review is requested, right down to the email content itself. Our surveys allow you to brand your company so reviewers know that you're working to get third party verified data. This ensures trust.

Collect the full CX story, from Brand to Product.

Not only are our survey methods smart, they are designed to avoid user fatigue, and incorporate multiple collection workflows to ensure you can pick up Product and Brand reviews from the same experience, completing the entire user story. This holistic approach allows for the best stories in your hands.

Brand or Product?

There's no reason to choose one collection method when you can get both.

No vendor has the ability to connect your data story from beginning to end.

collect both brand and product reviews

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