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Your Data tells a Story about the Customer Journey.

ResellerRatings brings together the customer experience from both Product and Brand Reviews and allows you to tell a connected story, understand your review content holistically and understand what your customers are telling you.

Review Management - Put your best foot forward.

Get ahead of issues before they escalate. You can quickly source insights about your brands and engage with customers.

Our review management system lets you dig deep into the issues and engage with the customers. Our robust tools allows the right review to get to the right expert internally, as fast as possible.

Designed for small, and large scale teams, we introduce priorities, agent assignment, and much much more.

Keyword Tagging

Enable star ratings on your Adwords CPC program and see solid returns on your trust. The program enables merchants to push their best foot forward in Google.

Executive Reports

Get sophisticated reporting directly to your inbox, designed and tailored for you. ResellerRatings has a wholly unique reporting system that enables users to combine various data modules to build out reports designed for their internal audience. Whether that's for the Marketing manager, a particular department or even the CEO.

Executive Reports delivers these directly to your inbox so you're always ahead of the trend.

Executive Reports
Executive Impact Report
Custom Templates

We're creating a shared library of reporting templates for our clients to get started with executive reporting. These templates are also designed and built in house to create narratives designed for various internal stakeholders at your company.

Product Reviews Insights & Tracking

Configure, analyze and collect Product Reviews in our updated Product Reviews portal. Did we mention that the new Product Reviews Solution is incredibly smart? We allow for you to bring both Brand and Product Reviews collection in house into one smart, intelligent suite.

Product Reviews Collection Portal

Analytics & Insights

Whether you need to export data, collect trends, set alerts, or slice customer behavior through different len's, the ResellerRatings portal allows deep reporting capabilities on your collection, acquisition, and engagement rates.

Customizable Alerts & Notifications

Receive email alerts about new reviews posted by customers to your page or changes made to past reviews. No need to log in 20 times a day, we'll let you know when anything on your ratings or reviews changes.

Email Customers

Send emails to reviewers via our site to address issues, engage your customers, thank your fans.

Public Reply Back

Showcase your active participation in a public community for both Product and Brand Reviews for all potential and current customers to see.

Connect your Review to a Purchase

Pre-populate their review order numbers and transaction dates easily using our system and don't have them scrambling to find their receipts come time to write a review.

Collect more data

Unlike competitors, ResellerRatings allows your teams to collect more data points from the Customers Story to paint a better picture of the customer journey. From Custom questions, exporting csv's and data slices, tagged categories verticals for brand reviews, product review catalogue data - the options are robust.

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