The Most Powerful Reviews Management Suite.

Bar-none, the most powerful reviews management suite. Built for Enterprise.

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ResellerRatings provides a comprehensive, closed-loop cycle that allows companies of all sizes to manage reviews with ease, from acquiring higher volumes of reviews than ever before, to analyzing and acting on their content to engaging in real conversations with customers.

Hello Teams.

Get the birds' eye view of the operation with ResellerRatings. Designed to give you the high level view of multi-volume stores.

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Inbound Rules.

Triage rules with stories to get the right reviews to the right product experts in your department.

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Engage in slick communications with customers, engaging in conversations and mitigating issues.

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VOC Management

Treat customer reviews with discipline and do not let reviews go ignored or unmanaged. Our Routing system makes it easy.

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Merchant Solutions

Engage Like Never Before.

Customer reviews can be as powerful as you allow them to be. Take advantage of powerful capabilities like flagging, routing, contact log initiations, and public replies in order to get the most out of your investment.

Think Big with Teams & Multi-Volume Accounts

ResellerRatings is built for teams. Whether you're a small business or large organization, we have a system designed for you. We can accommodate companies with multiple brands, millions of products, and hundreds of stores across the world. We are also built right-sized for smaller companies looking to boost their visibility and SEO.

NextGen Consumer Care Console

We've rebuilt our portal from the ground up. Filter through issues, export CSV's, isolate problem trends and tags, and traverse your catalogue of both brand and product review data. Our Consumer Care allows you to manipulate your data views to reveal insights.

Isolate Issues Before They Get Big.

Isolate problems fast with our intelligent, dynamic queue. By setting up rules that work for you, your inbound reviews can be isolated and triaged directly to internal experts, so you can get to an issue before it escalates and goes public.

Automatically escalate low-scoring reviews, tagged conceptually, to the right department. Frank from shipping will wake up to 3-star review in his inbox when something is off.

review management priority setting

Review Management - Never Allow Issues to Fall Through Cracks

Automatically collect and organize customer interactions through various collection channels. Agents can log in, and dive straight into their priority cases prioritized by your need.

Resolve a complaint in the customer's favor and they will do business with you again 70% of the time."

Source: Lee Resources

Connect & Engage in Conversations

Make it easy for customers to ask for help, get back to you with issues, and update their ratings. And tie it all back to a case.

review management priority setting

And a Whole Lot more...

ResellerRatings provides a comprehensive, closed-loop cycle that allows companies of all sizes to acquire reviews, analyze them to identify and resolve issues,

Two-Day Review Buffer

Merchant members have a window of 48-hours to preview new reviews and contact the reviewer before the public can see the post. This includes a 48-hour turnaround processing time on flagged reviews.

Customizable Alerts & Notifications

Receive email alerts about new reviews posted by customers to your page or changes made to past reviews. No need to log in 20 times a day, we'll let you know when anything on your ratings or reviews changes.

Converse with Customers

Send emails to reviewers using our site to address issues, engage your customers, and thank your fans.

Public Comments for All to See

Showcase your active participation in a public community for both product and brand reviews for all potential and current customers to see.

Enterprise Edition & Local Stores

Get the bird’s-eye view of the operation with our ResellerRatings’ Enterprise Edition, designed to give you a high-level view of multi-volume stores. Need multiple employee logins to manage your accounts? Now you got it. More users means a distributed workload.

Verified Reviews

Pre-populate review order numbers and transaction dates easily using our system and don't have them scrambling to find their receipts come time to write a review. Verified reviews are more qualified and matter a lot more to shoppers and syndication channels.

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