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Stores need their presence known across both digital and real-world locations. Bridge the physical and digital divide with ResellerRatings’ Local Reviews and help your customers find you.

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Leverage Digital to Get Local Reviews

Collect Reviews for All Stores.

Collect review data for all of your stores using tools built to integrate easily within your organization. Whether you want to implement directly from your local store, or have no implementation at all (for ForeSee clients), we’ll get you up and running fast, increasing visibility and social proof for brick-and-mortar locations.

Drive Local Discovery through Digital Presense

Research shows that your online presence and search and social results drive in-store traffic and discovery. Let your customers be your biggest cheerleaders by sharing their stories, photos, and reviews about your physical locations online.

Use Social Proof for Local Experiences

People are looking for you—both on the go and at home from a computer. Imagine if, when they Googled you, customers saw a host of four- and five-star ratings along with powerful testimonials about your products and services. Social proof like that draws new customers to your store, fast.

Track and Measure

Track what people are saying about you locally and overall. You can know which stores are leaders and which are laggards, all organized by geographic region, state, district, and more.

Think Big: Collect Seller Ratings for your Organization

You need reviews! And you need them for both your e-commerce presence and local stores. We match and organize reviews directly to each store so that managers know exactly where they stand relative to peers across the company and among competitors.

Leverage Digital Dominance to Drive Local Discovery.

We power foot traffic through search discovery engines. Our localized, mobile approach to syndicating your data into key search channels allows customers to find your store when they’re nearby. Our Ratings and Reviews data makes sure they filter out competitors and choose you.

88% of respondents read/used reviews to determind the quality of a local business; an overwhelming majority of respondents, 93%, said they checked reviews before dining or shopping.



Improve In-Store Locater Search

Connect directly to ResellerRatings data pipeline to pull in store review data and feed it back to key areas of your site, like the store locator.

Deliver SEO Powered Content to Your Local Stores.

General reviews about your brand help your local stores, but you know what helps even more? Real, local stories from people who have been to your location. Wrap the content in and drive even more visibility directly within major search engines.

  • Google My Business

    Google My Business

    ResellerRatings stars and reviews show up in local listings. When a customer uses their phone to search for a product or service, your business pops up in a local Google Business card. ResellerRatings populates that content with our trusted and verified user reviews.

  • Search Stars Snippets

    Search Stars Snippets

    Deploy our SEO solution and drive click-through rates with assured star ratings right on your .com domain, giving your local search listing more impact.

  • Organic Search Rank

    Organic Search Rank has earned high organic search rank in Google and Bing, the two biggest players in search—and we pass that benefit onto you. When a potential customer searches for your store, our organic listing for your store rating shows up prominently. This helps promote your business with real customer experiences and outranks common complaint sites that encourage non-representative customer gripes.

  • Store Listing on

    Store Listing on

    Get listed on our site and have your store searched locally. gets over five million targeted visits per month and is indexed across millions of Google and Bing search results.

Segment, Slice and Dice Data Geographically

Representing your stores within a proper grouping provides world-wide or local view of your organization. Get insight into under-performers, movers and shakers, regional cases, and more. Our data shows you what you need to know to rank and manage local performance of multiple stores, regions, or countries.

Think Big with Teams and Multi-Volume Accounts

ResellerRatings is built for teams. Whether you're a small business or large organization, we have a system designed for you. We can accommodate companies with multiple brands, millions of products, and hundreds of stores across the world.

Leverage Flexible Hierarchy

Flexible hierarchy allows you to set up reporting by states, districts, regions and zones. Filter and arange your store data to see what topics are most important, who is performing the best and worst, and discover common themes of customer reviews.

Gain a Home for Digital and Local Data

Reply to customer reviews and manage content cross functionally across your entire organization in one convenient place. Our enterprise-level Engage tool, which allows you to see Ratings and reviews from digital and local perspectives.

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