myHermes Increases Review Volume, Lowers CPC, and Improves Conversion


A 10-fold increase in the volume of reviews (from 5,000 to 50,000)

A 36% increase in conversion rate and a 15% decrease in CPC

A jump in its star rating from 3.4 to 4.1

Most Experienced Partner

“In the year since we’ve been using ForeSee Ratings Plus, we’ve seen the volume of our reviews increase exponentially and we’ve seen our star rating increase. Since we’ve been using that higher star ratings in paid search, we’ve seen meaningful decreases in our PPC rates and increases in our ad conversion rates.”

--Joanne Morley, Head of Marketing, Hermes

A Better Solution for Ratings and Reviews

myHermes is one of the leading online delivery solutions in the UK for anyone wanting to send a package or parcel. Like many companies with a strong digital presence, they rely on high volumes of positive online reviews to

  • improve visibility
  • inspire customer confidence
  • improve the efficiency of SEO and SEM.

myHermes had a vendor managing ratings and reviews for them, but when Joanne Morley, head of marketing, found out that ForeSee had an offering that could achieve higher volumes of better reviews, she was intrigued.

“My incumbent vendor was up for renewal, so I evaluated them, one other vendor, and ForeSee Ratings Plus,” says Joanne. “It made a lot of sense for me to use a team I already trusted and a process that was already in place--my web and email customer experience surveys with ForeSee. It feels natural to keep my entire VOC program in one place.”

Implementing ResellerRatings and ForeSee Ratings Plus

“Implementing ForeSee Ratings Plus couldn’t have been easier,” says Joanne. “It was a matter of just turning it on, and huge volumes of reviews just started pouring in. We went from 5,000 reviews to 50,000 reviews in the same time frame because we were able to leverage our ForeSee survey instead of sending a separate email.”

Hermes Company Profile

High-end retailer carrying the luxury brand's apparel, handbags, scarves & other accessories.

More Reviews, Better Reviews, Lower CPC, Higher Conversion

With the increase in volume came a natural increase in star ratings--myHermes jumped from a 3.4 star rating to a 4.1 rating. Lower volumes of reviews often lead to skewed results as highly dissatisfied customers can easily be disproportionately represented. Many companies see average ratings go up when they increase the number of reviews they’re collecting.

Once the volume of reviews and the star rating both improved, myHermes started using the star rating in paid search ads, which is where the real ROI was immediately apparent. “With the higher star rating in our paid ads, our PPC went down and our conversion rate went up,” says Joanne.

Any company in any B2C industry can benefit from higher volumes of better reviews. To learn more about ForeSee Ratings Plus, contact your ForeSee representative or visit Join now

"With the higher star rating in our paid ads, our PPC went down and our conversion rate went up,” "

~ Joanne.