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We're a team of leaders and innovators-combining expertise in customer experience, digital marketing and technology. Our passion is bringing consumers and merchants together to improve buying experiences. With more than a decade of research and real-world experience, we’ve built a deep level of trust with both parties, helping raise buyer confidence and enabling sellers to meet new demands in the market.




Over 10 million company reviews for American small and large businesses.


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That dive deep into a companies ratings to give you a detailed breakdown of shipping, service, pricing and more.


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That customers see every year in Google and Bing

We work with the best to power the customer’s voice

Google, Bing, Yahoo and hundreds of thousands of shoppers trust our rigorously collected shopping data. We work with them to bring the power of customer voice.


We care about how you shop and how retailers share your story

"Better customer relationships start by allowing shoppers to participate in the company's story. We've always believed the best customer experiences develop on a two-way street. We connect and educate retailers on how to 'wow' their customers while allowing those customers to have a voice."

Nishan Sothilingam, C.E.O of ResellerRatings

“Buying power has shifted to the shopper. Whether it’s an impulse purchase or months of research, each journey touchpoint is a chance to speak your companies values. That’s why it’s so critical to give the customer a voice so retailers can create the best customer experience, while using that voice to help their business standout in highly competitive digital market.”

Brad Poole, Chief Revenue Officer, ResellerRatings


ResellerRatings, Vendor of the Year for retailer Newegg (2019)

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