Our Reviews

ResellerRatings collects reviews from a variety of sources unique to ResellerRatings. We have very strict criteria for reviews and reviews can not be veto'd by the merchant. We want consumers to know the inherent quality of the data that comes in. A brand review can be about anything, a fullfillment of services, a purchase, or even an experience with the brand and interaction with their services or products. This allows the overall experience and rating of a brand to reflect many facets of the experience.

Verified & Authentic

Not all reviews on ResellerRatings are verified by purchasers though the majority are. You can see which reviews are verified with a green verification badge on the review. Merchants can't pick and choose what reviews go on their storefront as they have to adhere to our strict guidelines on collection. A verified review is effectively a post fullfillment cycle. That means it comes from someone who has bought a product / service with the merchant, and had it sent to them. We've sourced this review with extra data including invoice, orderID, consumer information, and have gone through both an algorithmic and manual anti-fraud process.

Organic Reviews

Also known as unsolicited these reviews come in through an organic process, where-in the consumer wants to leave a review on ResellerRatings and does so directly on the site. All reviews on ResellerRatings are subject to a variety of anti-fraud measures.

Anonymous Reviews

If a merchant is part of ResellerRatings merchant member program and adheres to the ethics and code of conduct rules, we allow them to solicit anonymous reviews. Many retailers have very strong privacy consideration for protection of the consumer. That means no identifiable data can be passed regarding the consumer at data level. We want to ensure the consumer experience still has a voice, while still protecting the consumers right to privacy. If a merchant does not partipate in the program, a review cannot be solicited anonymously.

We mark these reviews by not referring to a 'username' in the tradional sense. Instead, it will refer to the consumer as either a 'Shopper', or 'User'. Depending on what point the solicitation comes from for the merchant.

Merchants respond

We believe in bettering the consumer community and experience. We know for this to happen, we need to develop a two way street between consumers and merchants. Merchant Members can flag and reply to reviews you leave. They can publicly or privately reply to a review, such that they can at least acknowledge you. They also have 48 hours to review a review and potentially flag the review for certain terms. These terms are based around legal notifications for removal, mentioning personally identifiable information, etc. Reviews that are marked as fraudulent or in violation, are inaccessible to the merchant and removed. Our team evaluates each of these flagged reviews on a case by case basis.

What Merchants Can Do vs Can't
Veto Merchants can never VETO a review.
Removal Merchant Members and merchants can have reviews removed according to our publisher terms. These strict policy guidelines are designed to protect consumers, and merchants alike.
Reply Back Merchant Members can publically reply back to reviews

Terms for Review Removal

1. Review does not comply with applicable laws and regulations.
2. Review contains vulgar, profane, obscene or offensive content.
3. Review does not pertain to the business itself (i.e., product or shipping review).
4. Review contains personally identifiable information ("PII") that can be used to uniquely identify, contact, or location a single person.
5. Review has been posted multiple times or more than once by the same person.
6. Reviewer is not an actual customer (limited to reviews posted within the past twelve (12) months).
7. Reviewer is a current or former employee, or otherwise related to the company being reviewed.
8. Review contains confidential, written communications between any parties.
9. Review contains references to other businesses or competitors.
10. Review posted 1 calender year after transaction date it describes.
11. Star rating does not match the user's sentiment (e.g., a negative star rating accompanied by a positive user comment).