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ResellerRatings connects people to the best places to buy online and gives your voice more power through our publisher network.

When you leave a review on ResellerRatings...

...It goes beyond a suggestion box...

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Amplified Concept

By harnessing our publisher network your voice matters. Your reviews not only get published into ResellerRatings for tens of thousands of shoppers to read, but it also goes beyond...

Way beyond!

real verified retail reviews for shoppers

To Other Shoppers

With thousands of ready-to-buy shoppers hitting ResellerRatings every day, they're going to listen to what you have to say.

To some of the largest Search engines

Your voice directly impacts many channels in Google and Bing. These heavy hitters use our reviews to help shoppers in search understand the experience they are going to get. From Google Search, to Adwords campaigns, it's your voice driving influence. Talk about power.

real verified retail reviews for google and bing

verified reviews for retailers

...and to Retailers.

Customer opinion isn't a one-way-street. We allow Retailers to interact with customers, solve problems, and get things done. ResellerRatings is a place where they will act, because they know your voice matters in search!

Why Trust our Reviews?

Verified Reviews

We work with retailers to source reviews directly from customers who have bought from the retailer.

Awesome Anti-Fraud

We work to mitigate fraudulent reviews by connecting reviews to verified purchases - and other sophisticated anti-fraud processing.

Retailers can’t pick and choose

We have a tried and true guidelines on when retailers can flag a review for moderation. Reviews can never be taken down for low scores.

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