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All 11 customer reviews

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Great prices, and fast shipping....thank you



@mazing Prices! Loved it, and fast free shipping is awawesome.


On December 16, 2013 I purchased the following items of which my credit card was immediately charged (not pending) the same day:
Victoria's Secret Oversized Getaway Duffel Bag - L

Quantity 2
Shipping Free
Total $ 39.98

Payment Information
Date/Time December 16, 2013 12:33 01
Transaction ID 6FH575821L042830Y
Total $ 39.98

On “December 24, 2013” I receive an email stating that the order had been shipped the same day I purchased it and with the following UPS tracking number.
Your order was shipped on 12/16/2013
Order ID: 92059
Item: Victoria's Secret Oversized Getaway Duffel Bag - Leopard
Quantity: 2
Your order was shipped via UPS.
Here is the tracking information.
I have been checking the website for any updates of shipment but the website, as of today January 17, 2014 (1month later) the website states label created “Label Created On:12/19/2013” with NO other status, meaning it has not been shipped YET. I have tried emailing the company (3) different times; (1st) Fri, Jan 3, 2014 at 3:01 PM, (2nd)Tue, Jan 7, 2014 at 5:23, and (3rd) Wed, Jan 15, 2014 at 3:05 AM with absolutely NO results! So, if you’re expecting good customer service, GOOD LUCK, because this is not the place. I figured out their con as they just provide you bogus tracking info in order to charge your credit card immediately. The items I had purchased were for Christmas presents. It’s almost Martin Luther King Holiday, and NO sign of my items. I’ve provided my tracking information, so that the public can also confirm my claim, and learn from my mistake. I made the mistake of not checking/verifying prior to purchasing at this site..

UPDATE: Thanks to this website review, and paypal dispute, I finally got a response and refund!


First buy and so far so good, will keep you posted in case I have issues-



I finally received (shipping time was fair) my ice maker. As soon as I take it out of the box, I was disappointed in seeing that it was NOT packed well! The plug had all of the prongs bent extremely out of shape. There was also several cracks on the back of the ice maker itself, and a screw that just popped out of the back where the drains is?? This is the first time that I'd bought a refurbished item from Midnight box, and to be honest, I was disappointed! It seems as if they had opened up the item and didn't put everything back in correctly, because the drain is half way in, and you can see a good gap, making it seem that they just drilled the door back in a hurry. Good thing that my husband was able to straighten up the prongs from the plug...we crossed our fingers, and luckily, the machine was making ice. I decided to try it out for a few days to see all was working fine, but lets be honest... shipping items back is a real hassle! Sincerely, NOT a 100 % happy camper.



So far, so good!! Great job... Buys Spys! I will definitely return-


Awesome, truly surprised!


Terrible customer service (BRUCE) I just got off their "Live Chat Assistance" Hmmmmmmmm!!! I feel even worse, than before. The boxes that the colognes (2) Diesel Plus Plus by Diesel Men's 2.5 oz EDT Spray were both sent were all water damage, breaking apart, and to top it off I get (chat) ATTITUDE from the so called customer service rep that is suppose to be there to help resolve my issues caused by them?? His name was Bruce and I chatted with him on 1-6-2012 at approximately 4:30 Pacific Time. He was trying to make me state "thank you and you're welcome???? What is wrong with this picture I ask?? After they send me a damaged goods, they have the nerve?? I don't recommend and will definitely let it be known to all.


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Previously had an issue then the company contacted me, and issue has now been resolved without any further action pending. Satisfied customer~

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posted May-16-2011

A rep from LightInTheBox, LightInTheBox,has responded

“Dear yvonne92154,

We are truly sorry for the lack of communication. We very much appreciate your feedback as it helps us work on improving our service.

Unfortunately, your order has been slightly delayed and will ship on Apr 16, 2011. We are terribly sorry for the delay and would like to refund you 30% of the item price in order to compensate for the delay. In addition, we will upgrade your shipping from SuperSaver to Expedited shipping, which should take 3-5 days for delivery.




I recently bought from Dailycheckout the 2pk hats IKDWINTERHATS
each 2pk Item# $3.99 USD so I ordered 2each of the 2pk that ended up being $7.98 USD
plus the Shipping and handling $9.98 USD
So the Total was$17.96 RESOLVED

The complete order of hats should have added to 4. I ONLY received 2 hats (1 red & 1 blk). I have been sending them numerous emails at, without any luck. I feel that I have been cheated. And by reading the rest of the ratings, I find out that I am not the only one. Yeah, the items are priced real low, but what is the use if you only receive HALF of what you ordered with NO RESOLUTION. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS STORE!

Daily Steals


I recently bought a phone that ended being defective, but I immediately contacted Dailysteals customer service, and they were very understanding and willing to resolve my issue. They immediately refunded my money, as soon as their warehouse received the returned item. I WOULD DEFINITELY RECOMMEND THIS SITE, V/R ONE HIGLY SATISFIED CUSTOMER!!