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Poor instructions and non-existent customer service

I purchased a replacement key for my MicroSoft Surface Pro 4.'s website provided very good directions on which key to purchase and how to install the new key. It arrived quickly but when I took it out of the envelope, the plastic tab was attached to the key cover (the cover is the one that has the letter of the key...the piece you actually push). Since the original plastic tab on my keyboard was still in place and not broken, I just wanted to replace the key cover. Of course, this meant getting the cover separated from the new tab it was attached to. When I looked at the website, I saw no directions on how to accomplish this. I did my best based on the instructional video on their website, which demonstrated how to get the key cover off when it was installed on the keyboard. However, when I tried this with the new key and plastic tab, it damaged the hooks on the back of the cover. So, when I tried to snap it onto the already installed tab, it wouldn't stay attached...kept falling off. I wrote an email to their service department personnel but never received a response back (2+ weeks now). I ended up going to the MS Store and even though the keyboard was out of warranty (the computer was still in warranty), they did an "exchange" and gave me a new keyboard. REPLACING A KEY IS NOT ALWAYS AS SIMPLE AND EASY AS THEY WANT YOU TO BELIEVE....BUYER BEWARE!

2/5 seemed to be the best place to purchase appliances for my kitchen remodel due to their low prices and good reviews. After much on-line shopping, these guys had the lowest price overall on two ovens, cooktop, microwave and fridge. Unfortunately I ordered on a Friday of a Jewish holiday weekend so no customer service help until the following Weds. Order went in fine and was told things should ship in a week or so. Fast forward two weeks, no shipment. All appliances showed ready to ship except fridge. A week later, still no shipment. Called them, was told the manufacturer had not delivered any fridges but would soon receive them. My choices: 1) take shipment of fridge separately when it arrived but lose a chunk of my shipping discount or 2) wait for fridge to come in. I waited but when I was told the fridge was still not in a week later, I decided to shop around for options because my contractor needed the items. It was a blessing in disguise. I found all the appliances except the MW had fallen in price at their competitors. So, I tried to cancel my entire order except the MW. Got "interrogated" by the service rep but she didn't change my mind. So, she put on her "supervisor" who pressured me hard to not cancel my order. He was rude when I insisted. But, instead of keeping the MW on my order, the service rep cancelled the whole invoice and hung up on me. Fine... I save a couple hundred bucks. However, more shopping revealed they still had the best price on the microwave. That's why I decided to risk completing a new order for it online. It shipped no problem and I got a good deal. However, when it arrived, it had a small piece of metal stuck between the inside/outside pieces of glass on door. It looked liked the glass was cracked but it was just a manufacturing problem. Called back to tell them and to get direction on how to proceed with a warranty claim. They told me to take pictures of it and they would email me with directions. Never got the email (but they had my email address for sure). Called 2 days later and was told they sent an email but they would try again. 3 days later, still no email. A day or two later, the piece apparently fell down to the bottom of the door and was no longer an issue. However, I never got the follow up email from AppliancesConnection. So, bottom line- good prices, but not always the best. Fast shipping when they finally get your items in stock. Customer service- the worst. The other places I dealt with were far above and beyond this amateur outfit. So, buyer be warned and good luck if you chose to purchase here.

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