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The true test of a parts supplier is what happens when things go wrong. How do they respond? I had a control arm I installed and then found the part was miss-manufactured. After reading the reviews here at RR.com I thought well this is hopeless. I contacted the part manufacturer and they told me I would have to deal with Rock Auto. Sadly I called them up and explained the situation. Their policy says they want the original box and won't take it back if it installed. I hung my head in shame since I had thrown away the box and installed the part. BUT in explaining all this to Rock Auto I found them to be very friendly. They took care of the return shipping by providing a prepaid label and I had a credit (including part of the original shipping-I had bought two items). I had a credit to my credit card a day after they received the part!
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I needed some cash register keys for an item I picked up at a thrift store. I looked up the keys online and Parts Store had the best price on the product. But some stores just kill you on the shipping. Not partstore. Shipping was VERY REASONABLE. Like like First Class postage... which is fine since keys don't weigh much.
They sent me 3 packages UPS ground for $3.95 TOTAL. I don't see how they can make money on this deal but hey that is their concern. One item was cancelled because they didn't have it. But that happens.
I had no billing issues and they did not charge me till the items shipped.
I did speak with customer service once and they did great!
They really helped me. I'm giving them 5 Stars!



No issues with PINZOO will use them again.
Fast and convenient



The website is very informative and easy to use. I did call them and explained that my Flushmate tank had split and that it was leaking into the bottom of the tank and into the bowl. The unit was over 10 years old. And they told me the price would he around $116. I told them I would look at possibly replacing the toilet. Not having much success at finding one in stock locally I decided to take the plunge with flushmate. When I called back the lady told me they would help me out with a discount. They gave me a coupon code to use on eFlushmate website that saved me a whopping 55%!
I ordered and received an email stating the product was on order. HOWEVER and this is the only bad part of the transaction they never emailed me tracking info or that the product had even shipped. I called them 4 days after the order and asked about it and they said they normally do but the person that does this was out. I ordered on Friday. They shipped Monday by FedEx Ground AT NO COST TO ME. Furthermore they said the product is now warrantied much longer. The tank was lifetime and the rest of the parts 10 years!
The unit was well packaged. Installation was quick and easy for the average diy'er. The hardest part was making sure the flush handle did not bind.
Works great and even seems like it flush quieter that before.
Bravo eFlushmate!



Been looking for a deal on LG 42PJ350 42" LG Plasma screen. Finally price wad dropped for labor day sale. Had no problems at all with order or pickup at local sears store.
Sears.com website leave a whole lot to be desired. They lost my original account. Made numerous promises to fix it but most of the time did not follow-up their emails. Sometimes the site has discounted prices you can't get because there are error. I have had other times where I could not get the system to ship to my local store but offering a store 45 minutes away! Most of the time they will get these problems fixed if you take the time to report it to them. I don't mind going on-line to get a discount and then have it shipped to a B&M store where I can deal with the folks in person.
Sometimes Sears will not offer free pickup at a B&M store and it seems there sister store KMart never will.



I should have known better…. This company has been very un-professional.
Shopping for LG 42PJ350
I located very little about this company yet they claim to have been online 13 years! There are only 3 reviews, 2 are on this website and one other on http://shopping.yahoo.com/merchantrating/?mid=16586 . Even this website has a disclaimer that says: "This company does NOT yet subscribe to our Merchant Member Program to monitor feedback & contact reviewers." I asked them about it and they said we are in Consumer Reports. Should I even try to verify that?

They claimed to have a $100 rebate on this model: in one place on the site it said up to $100, in another it said $100. When you click on the rebate is says you must buy before they will tell you the details of the rebate (when have you ever seen a deal like this?). I bought the set because the rebate was going to run out... Guess what?… the site still would not provide info.

I have several questions that I enter into the site only to be replied by someone stating that I have to call into them. Why do they have an email system if I have to waste time calling in?

The website item says it is AVAILABLE and clearly that means it will be shipped 24-48 hours. I then get an email from them saying it is a "special order" and it will take over 2 weeks for TVsZONE to get one!

Are you getting the picture here? Their website does not agree with the actual company.

I spoke to them and asked for details of the rebate. They claim it is on the box and they can't provide the details.

I am canceling the order with them since I see trouble on the horizon!

Update - Sept 9th, 2010 - The seller did cancel my order without question.


Great prices. Some items contain links to specs or manuals However some items offer little for a description and no Picture either. That's not much good when you are not sure what you are buying. I requested a picture and better description of an item and it took 2 days to get it.
Shipping prices are very good maybe exactly what they pay!
I would do business with them again!