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These guys are low life piece of garbage. Same deal as most of you guys here. Bought a sony tv online for abou $1300. Some jerkoff called me and said he needed to talk to me about the order. So i called him back 2 days later and this guy tried to sell me everything, component cables, HDMI cables, surge protectors, warranties. Within 5 minutes of our conversation the price of the warranty dropped by $300.

After i got off the phone this got me worried. No company will drop their warranty price like that. I went online and found this place, and that's all i needed to see. I called my discover card, told them about it, and changed my credit card number. They said the charge was already authorized so there's nothing i can do to stop it, but i'd have a good case for a dispute. Changing the CC number would prevent them from additional charges.

10 minutes after that i Called Crazy4digital and went through hell. I told this bitch i want to cancel my order, she said that i can't cause it's already been charged, THat was an obvious lie. She then said it was shipped, another lie, she couldn't confirm it.

I called back again telling them that i checked with ups and discover, and it wasn't shipped, and there was no charge applied. Once again, I told her to cancel my order, now she said that there would be a charge for canceling. Bullshit, I told her again to cancel it and again and again.

After being on hold for 10 minutes, another idiot picks up the phone and says with an attitude "Why do you want to cancel"? I said I'm tired of waiting for my tv and i'm tired of dealing with shady people like you. He said he's tired of dealing with me and that he wouldn't cancel it. I asked him again to please cancel my order and he said maybe i will and maybe i won't.


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