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So you jumped on Google and searched for diamond rings or pendants or loose stones or whatever and stumbled upon DiamondOnNet... consider yourself lucky! I've made purchases from a few online jewelry retailers running the gamut from eBay to mom-and-pop jewelry stores trying their hand on the WWW to monstrous jewelry manufacturers, warehouses, and resellers. D.O.N. has the best traits of each without the drawbacks: Competitive prices like eBay and the big volume dealers; personal & prompt attention like your local store where they know your name and remember your conversations and your preferences; and manufacturing/customization done RIGHT: latest CAD modeling & rapid prototyping techniques (i.e. not some old codger with a block of wax, a scalpel, and a loupe) combined with superb hand polishing & QC. Give them a call and watch the videos on their site and you'll get a taste of what I'm talking about. Order something and you'll realize that you made the RIGHT choice. Our particular story: Wife wanted to have her engagement ring & wedding band stones reset in a new setting. After discussing options with Sam, we mailed the rings in and things progressed smoothly and efficiently. They de-mounted the old stones, cleaned them up, and took several high-resolution pictures in a couple of the settings we'd found online to help make our decision easy. The engagement ring was a fit "off the shelf" but the wedding band had to be custom designed. The manufacturing process was relatively quick and Sam kept us updated along the way. We were running tight on time (departing for a vacation and she wanted to have the rings back to wear) so he rushed things through and got them overnighted to us so they arrived the morning of our departure. The finished product was flawless and the price could not be beat! So much better than we'd hoped. The adage "Happy wife, happy life" remains intact. Thanks again, Sam & DiamondOnNet... we'll be contacting you again the next time we have a jewelry-related need!
-JTB, West Point, NY.

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