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I have been an Ebay member for over 15 years in EXCELLENT standing, 100% positive review, never an unpaid item. Recently I bid on an item & had the high bid for over a week when I was out bid. I tried to up my max bid and found the Seller had blocked me FOR ABSOLUTELY NO REASON WHAT SO EVER! I had never had any dealings with this Seller (stufffromouterspace), nothing. Just blocked me from bidding. I emailed him and politely asked why, this is the response I got:

I'm sorry. I know you haven't every dealt purchased from me before. My problem is that I have sold on ebay for about 7 or so years. When I first started, I made some mistakes, refused to work with the buyers because I felt like they were wrong, and I received a couple neg feedbacks. That was 7 years ago. I then learned from those negative feedbacks and vowed to make my selling pro and strive to never get a neg feedback again. I state in every listing that if there is a problem, to please write to me and I will do whatever I have to in order to fix the problem. I went 6 + years without a negative feedback. And finally this year I received 2 negative feedbacks from people who never even wrote to me to complain or offer me the chance to resolve the matter fairly. So since then, I have become paranoid and tend to look at the feedback history of people that write me. And when I see that person has also left negative feedback for someone without offering a chance to resolve, I began blocking these people. The only negative feedback that I think is fair is when a seller refuses to accept a return.
At any rate, I'm sure that you are a very fair and good person and great customer. This is solely a result of my own frustrations with having been treated unfairly this past 8 months. I hope you can understand and sincerely, I apologize.

However, he never UNBLOCKED ME! And why I should pay the price for his "frustration" is totally unfair! Further, Ebay did NOTHING ABOUT THIS. When I investigated this Sellers feedback, I found he had called another Buyer a "****"! If this is the way Sellers can attack Buyers, then I would tell EVERYONE, AVOID EBAY. I am in the process of canceling my membership over this episode after 15 years. It is NOT WORTH IT! I would tell everyone who would listen, avoid Ebay at all costs. Try Rubylane or Etsy, they also sell antiques and collectibles.

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