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Home Depot


Run, Don't Walk to the Nearest Exit

On 2/9/18, during the huge storm storm found that my snow blower no longer worked. Because I already had over a 12" of snow in my driveway, I went to Home Depot to purchase a new one. Because I have a small car, a neighbor with a truck was picking it up for me. I specifically asked multiple times if the oil was in box, because all the other had the oil sitting on top of the box. The sales person assured me it was, the other brands you had to buy it separately. Lie #1. Because I needed an electrical start, I asked if everything I needed was in the box. I was assured that the electrical power cord was in the box. Lie# 2. Got the snow blower home, only to find that no oil was in the box. Went to Home Depot while a neighbor put the snow blower together. Back to Home Depot during the blizzard. Got back only to find that there was no power cord for the electrical start and over 8 pieces were missing! The box had been resealed and sold a new by the store. Lie# 3. Went back to the store the next day regarding all the missing parts and was told they would give me a number to call order them. Was treating very poorly. Finally, I demanded to speak to a store manager and of course none was available. This person told me she would like the item up in the system and take the parts out of another box to give to me and if they didn't have them, she would see if another store had it to do the same. She assured me that this was common practice! Of course it was sold out because we are in the middle of a blizzard!! She then told me I could order the parts and she would give me the number. I asked if I would be charged for the parts and was told yes. I finally told her why should I have to pay for parts the store took out of the box? Begrudgingly, she said she would have some one order the missing parts. I gave her the book that came with the snow blower in which I highlighted all the missing parts for her to xerox. She had to call me at home later that night twice because she kept forgetting the model number, brand, etc. Two days later, called the store. No parts. Multiple calls, no parts. the part place was a 20 minute drive to the store but, when the parts were ordered, they didn't expedite the matter so they went out through regular mail. The parts didn't arrive for 2 weeks, took them over an hour to find the small box in the store because someone had it in an office and no power cord. One star was way to generous for the store's lack of customer service.

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