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Barnes and Noble


Never Again

On 7/27/2017 I ordered from Barnes & Noble a Blade Runner 30th Anniversary 3-disc Blu-ray with an origami unicorn pictured on the case (I mention this because it's an easy way to identify what I ordered and what I received and it's pertinent). On 8/2 I received from them a Blade Runner 30th Anniversary 1-disc Blu-ray with a montage painting on the cover with Harrison Ford's portrait as the primary image. I contacted Barnes & Noble customer service to alert them of the issue and was told to return the item to them and "If you would like to order the correct item, you can place a new order at". This was unacceptable and I contacted them to let them know. I already ordered the correct item and if they didn't want to take the time to correct THEIR mistake, I would order the item elsewhere instead of wasting any more time with them and being further inconvenienced, in addition to needing to return the item because they shipped the wrong one. The next response agreed to ship me a replacement and to issue a return label for the original disc. I agreed with the offer and requested that if they were going to send a replacement to please be certain to send the 3-disc version (which is what I ordered and paid for) and I told them it was identifiable by the cover difference I mentioned above. On 8/5 B&N shipped a replacement which arrived on 8/9 and was again not the item I ordered. I contacted them yet again and let them know I received this time the 1-disc Final Cut version of the movie with the same cover art as the first disc they sent me, NOT the 3-disc version with the origami unicorn on the cover.

On 8/10 I received the following response: "We have reviewed your order and found that the item you ordered is the item you received with a UPC code of 0883929146697 at a cost of $12.30. The item you are requesting has a UPC code of 0883929255450 and sells for $13.99. You may keep the tem (sic) received or return it for a refund and order the correct item."

Why would I choose to keep the WRONG items they shipped me??? It turns out B&N changed the item listing after I contacted them following the second item being the wrong disc. I was monitoring the listing because I was suspicious of them and when the second disc arrived the listing still showed the 3-disc version with the unicorn on the cover. I was very conscious of which version I ordered and even printed a screenshot when I placed the order that shows the 3-disc version and the price of $12.30, plus I ALREADY OWN THE OTHER VERSION...why would I order it again? I submitted to them a picture of the screenshot to prove which item I paid for and expressed my dissatisfaction with the whole experience and their poor customer service, not to mention the fact that they would go so far as to not only refuse to honor my purchase, but to also change the website to correct a listing error (or for whatever other deceitful reason) and on top of it to refuse to honor my purchase AFTER agreeing it was their mistake and even sending a replacement (albeit an incorrect replacement). My time and the inconvenience of this whole situation is worth something, but they can't even be bothered to make the situation right. In fact, they refused to acknowledge my last contact to them and I now have two incorrect items to return and I still don't have what I paid for weeks ago when this all began.


Never again!

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