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Poor print quality, poor customer service

We're taking a family trip to Disneyland in April and thought it would be fun to have matching tshirts. I've always seen commercials for CustomInk and decided to give it a try. I designed custom art/logo based on Nintendo because my daughter loves Mario.

Designing the shirt on CustomInk's website was easy enough. You upload the art and scale/place it where you like. They even have a feature where you can add various shirt sizes to your cart and it automatically place the art for you. $98 (4 shirts) later and my order was in.

About a week later and my shirts arrived. Upon seeing them I was immediately unimpressed. There were some scattered oil like stains on 2 of the shirts. The art print was blurry but decent. The biggest let down was the fact that the art placement was all over the place. The art on my shirt was consistent with my across the chest placement. However, it goes down hill from there. The placement on my wife's shirt is slightly lower. Even worse, my daughter's shirt has the art on the stomach area. How did this pass quality control?!

I conveyed these concerns to CustomInk after they reached out to me via email. Their CS was nice enough but they didn't seem to take responsibility for any of the short comings. They told me the oil stain is normal as its part of the printing process and it should wash right out. Two washes now and the stain is still there. The blurry art print is also "normal". Apparently, because my order was smaller a lesser print technique was used so the blurriness was acceptable by their standards. I would have appreciated disclosure of this prior to placing my order. I sent the CS rep pictures of my shirts to inquire about the off placements of the art and again his reply was it was normal. Because my order was small they can't be expected to set up their machines for each shirt print.

It seems this company doesn't take pride in their work, particularly if your order is "small". The fact that they sent me an invoice with pictures of each shirt with proper art placement was very deceiving. I will not likely use CustomInk again.

UPDATE 02/04/18: After posting my reviews online, a customer satisfaction associate from CustomInk emailed me and apologized for my experience. She made me 2 very generous offers: 1) reprint of all (4) my shirts to my satisfaction at no cost to me, 2) complete refund of my order and I can still keep the shirts. I accepted 2 reprints because although all 4 were not the best prints I only felt 2 were drastic enough that warranted replacement. She expedited the prints and I got them the following week. The new shirts definitely look better. I really appreciated her gesture and changed my rating to 4 stars from 1 star. I did not give them 5 stars because my initial experience with their CS became frustrating very fast and feel they can improve in that aspect.

posted Jan-24-2018

A rep from CustomInk, CustomInkMaggie,has responded

“HI there!

I am so sorry you have had this experience with us.

I have reviewed your order and the pictures you sent over and agree that we could definitely improve upon this print. We take full responsibility for our mistake and would love the opportunity to make this right. I will be sure to follow up with you and hope that you will give us the chance to rectify the situation. If there is anything I can personally do for you, please feel free to direct message me here. You can always give us a call as well.

I look forward to working with you and hope that this quells any hesitation of working with us again in the future!

Thanks for your patience and understanding!”

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