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Fast shipping, everything as described. My truck topper had the original seals from 1998, they are dry rotted beyond belief, and last time i went camping i counted 6 major leaks. Ordered new seals from cargo gear, size is spot on, am going to do some other repair work before i install them, but i cut about an inch from each seal to test the adhesive. Works great, will be nice to actually have a seal that keeps my gear dry.

Electronic Goldmine


I have placed a few orders with electronics goldmine over the years, so this is my take on things based on 4-5 orders.

1) products
Products are generally as described and usually of surprisingly good quality for the price. As with anything, there are exceptions to the rule. Out of the 10 fans I ordered for a project, 7 worked. 2 had separated leads that were pretty much impossible to get to, and 1 just didn't work and had broken fins. If you need 10 of an item, order 15 to be safe. If you have to order 15 to get 10 working ones, the prices are about what you would pay elsewhere for tested stock.

2) customer service
The customer service staff lacks knowledge on every product they stock. Responses were scripted and less than helpful on all occasions. I pretty much don't bother contacting them anymore.

3) returns
Good luck. Their return policy seems to be "return it to the trash bin and place another order".

4) shipping
Shipping time is basically 3 days if you are extremely lucky, to 3 weeks which happens pretty often. Components ordered from china on the same day arrived a week earlier. I have a friend that received his order a little over a month after it was placed.

Shipping charges are insane to put it lightly. a 12 dollar order had a shipping charge of 15+ dollars. When it arrived, it would have fit in a flat rate priority small box with no problem. Instead I paid over 3x the priority cost for first class mail, and it took 2 weeks to arrive.

5) packaging
Dismal at best. The packaging is great if you order solar cells for an art project and don't mind them arriving broken. So far the poor packaging probably accounts for the majority of bad components I have received from them.

6) bottom line
If you need things quickly, and you need them packaged properly, save yourself the headache and order from digikey or somewhere similar.



I am using the date i sent in the western union payment as the order date.

June 16, 2008: I notified rokokzone of payment sent and western union MTCN.
June 17, 2008: I was notified that my payment was processing.
June 19, 2008: I was notified 2 of my chosen products were out of stock (panter cigarillos), they offered to refund part of the payment or substitute an item of similar value, i chose the substitution and asked them to surprise me, they included a sample 5 pack of misc unfiltered kreteks :)
June 22, 2008: Notified that the order was prepping for shipment.
June 24, 2008: Order shipped, tracking number provided.
June 28, 2008: Order arrived at JFK customs.
June 29, 2008: Order left JFK customs.
July 3, 2008: Order arrived in great shape.

Items were taped together, then boxed, then the box was wrapped in enough tape to make it waterproof. So the packaging was definitely well done and stood up to my postal services usual habit of seeing how far a package can be thrown before arriving. If you are a clove smoker and have only smoked cloves picked up at a head shop, smoke shop, or local retailer.. give these guys a try, the first cut through the packaging filled the room with the smell of fresh clove and other spices.

Be prepared to wait, I was planning on a 2-3 week wait from the shipping notification, but was pleasantly surprised at how fast they arrived.

Original order: 10 pack sample, 2 boxes of panter.
Modified order: 10 pack sample, 5 pack sample.
Communication was amazing at all times, other sellers could learn a thing or two from these guys when it comes to communicating with the customer.

All of that being said, i will definitely be placing future orders through this seller.



ordered 7 "3L laser led" 3-led pods, placed order on the 22nd of may, order arrived today (may 24). will definitely be doing more business with this reseller. tested the items when they arrived, all worked perfect, prices are great, shipping is very reasonable compared to most places, and shipping time was beyond my expectations. if you need case mods and comp equipment, this would be the place to go, or if you are like me and are looking for inexpensive accent lighting for your vehicle, you can't beat the prices and shipping times from these guys.

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