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Experience with ordering Custom Built MSI Infinite X VR8RF-007US Gaming DESKTOP (Build to Order)

Dec 06, 2017 - Pre-ordered (ETA is 2nd week of January 2018)
Donald was very knowledgeable in build custom components and helped to lower overall cost based on projected system usage and needs. I highly recommend talking to HIDevolution sales prior to ordering. He clearly explained how the upgrade cost differential worked using existing cost basis part replacement + part upgrade cost difference. He chatted with MSI directly (in call) to get some answers to product and package related content and updates to the ETA release date (still same). When asked about HIDevolution's high-end gaming system verification procedure prior to shipment, he listed a great compilation of production level tool-sets: 3Dmark11, Firestrike, Catzilla 4K, PassMark/Performance test, AIDA64 Extreme, HDtunepro (for SSDs/HDDs), Intel BurnIn test, and Heaven benchmark which gave me confidence that they know how to check for system assembly and part issues. I was able to select and upgrade the stock Thermal Paste/pads, primary boot NVME to a larger 1TB SSD, add additional HDD space, and upgrade ODD to Blu-Ray and shipping and Tax savings were the icing on the cake. Overall, a very pleasant 60+ minute toll-free experience.

Jan 03, 2018 - Order Issue Update via phone conversation with w/Donald S.
Donald called within minutes of receiving a distressing email from MSI putting the Infinite X VR8RF-008US on hold indefinitely, due to a severe shortage of 1080ti cards from supplier Nvidia. This made the 2nd week of January 2018 ETA no longer valid, and the system availability non-existent. Donald had a few ideas to try to work around this problem so that the my custom configuration could still stay intact.

Since the MSI Infinite X VR8RF-008US had an indefinite delay timeline, he investigated the next model down (which was available at a lesser price point) and checked if upgrade options would match my VR8RF-008US requirements. By comparison hardware-wise, the stock VR8RF-007US is basically the same as the 008US, but with a smaller 250GB SSD and Nvidia GTX 1070 8GB. Donald used the HIDEvolution online configurator to upgrade and match, part for part, the 007US in order to make it the same as the 008US. The upgrade path of Nvidia GTX 1070 8GB to Nvidia GTX 1080ti 11GB was now limited to availability on the open market (and they were going fast). Investigating options on, we settled on an Nvidia GTX 1080ti 11GB SC2. When all the components were finalized, there was a price increase of ~$225.99 to offset all hardware into an equivalent solution. The differential cost also created a situation where it was available now, was buildable, and could possibly be one of the few MSI Infinity X's with an Nvidia GTX 1080ti 11GB configuration on the market.

The old order number was updated with new hardware and customization changes, retaining order dates, discounts, and rebate. Donald was a joy to work with again. To keep the sales alive, he went the extra mile to maintain customer satisfaction by reinventing an excellent alternative solution to a manufacturer shortfall that rendered the previous order non-existant. Because of that, the price differential was kept to a minimum, mainly isolated to the Nvivia shortage limitation and upgrade path, making the custom system build availability a win-win. They provided status updates as well.

Jan 08, 2018 : Build started
Jan 10, 2018: In Production.
Jan 12, 2018: Shipping info. Tracking provided.
Jan 19, 2018: Package picked up from FedEx

System was shipped in the original MSI box with extra padding on the outside. It arrived undamaged and box undented. Unboxing was easy as was setup. It booted up into Win10 setup as expected.

Stayed in contact with Donald who provided MSI registration, rebate, and Nvidia game code info. He recommended Zoltan for tech questions.

Zoltan was also very helpful support on the Technical side: answering questions related to SSD optimization and Virtual Memory, suggested software tools for cleaning Win10, and explained differences of why the MSI factory recovery partition was no longer available when the SSD was upgraded to a larger size.

Two weeks later, I've been able to customize the system to my liking. Its OC stable, quiet, and most importantly cool, at ultra graphics settings.

Overall, I would highly recommend HIDevolution if you want to get a customized build to your liking. They provide much more options in their Custom Configurator than any of the other Desktop re-sellers. Their staff is the most knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly group of folks who go the extra mile to maintain fantastic customer satisfaction. Their prices are competitive, build and shipping is fast, use quality components allowing you to chose what you want, have 1 day response time (phone is immediate), and perform system stability/quality tests for graphics and memory prior to shipment.

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