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Rating 2/10

I think the issue is like alot, ordering online. I rely on ordering online because I wear mainly size 0 and XS and those are rarely in stores. I have ordered in the past throughout the years and the last 2-3 orders all had issues. The phone line is pretty quick however their rep is less than helpful overall.
The last one just happened a few days ago after I got my order. I bought a good amount of items and got them in two boxes. The total of items were correct however 3 did did not match, or should I say they are someone else order because they were size L and M, and because of that, my order was missing 3 items that I ordered. I can understand because it's the holiday season so I called in to fix the issue before too late and the real rush hit. I got a gentleman and explained the issue to him. He apologized and asked me to repack the 3 items (tops) that were wrong and return them, no problem. He than re-order the missing items for me and called it a replacement order. However one item was out of stock (or to say the color i ordered was out) so he can only send the other 2. I asked if I can get an extra of a color that is in stock to make it easier, he said no. So he created an replacement order for those 2 and refund me the out of stock one. I should get emails for those right away and should get them in a few days. I got emial for the shipping but never for the refund. I waited nearly a week later and nothing show up back on my cc or an email. So I send an reply to their service. Instead of helping me to check what is going on, I got a reply by Jeanette C. saying not only did they shipped my order in full but also reshipped extra order to me already "as an accommodation" to me. I do not think shipping out items that I originally paid for and keeping my money for the out of stock item is an accommodation to me. Their job is to send me the items I paid for and refund me if they unable to fulfill the order.....not taking my money, send partial, have me help fix their mistake and trying to make it sound like they did something nice for me.....Hopefully they will up their CS because I do love their clothing.

Rating 2/10

Ordered a kitchen cart, never got it and was asked to wait 8-10 days for a trace and promised a refund. Then asked 3-5 day for investigation team and will get a refund no question, then 5-7 days more for them to work things out. Then they asked for another 8-10 days for trace to complete. After all this, they said the first trace show item was delivered to me which I rechecked tracking and it shows still missing. Then they said they wont refund if second trace say the same thing, which they lied again. Then they asked for another 2 weeks wait for the second trace.

Originally I placed 2 orders for 2 kitchen carts. Both were delivered to the wrong locations. The first one the residents was honest and came knocking out doors, lent us his dolly and help moved it back already damaged. It had to be returned. They wanted me to carry the 102+lbs box to a UPS location. I told them I weight 85lbs, no way I can do that. After much time, they had the UPS came and pick that one up.

The second one, no one came knocking on our door. Now after many lies, both email and online chat, and by many reps (different names) they wont refund or provide where item is. Also lied even though there is still the tracking.

Bottom line: DO NO BUY FROM THEM!

Rating 2/10

I have ordered from them on and off for a few years. To avoid SAL mail I have always paid for FedEx instead. So far really good.

So to my better judgement, I decided to try their warehouse and put together an order over $140 plus Over $64 in shipping to make sure that are ok.

Upon opening the box, I notice nearly half of my order of fragile figures were place on the bottom with heavy books and boxes on top. No cardboard or bubble wrap, a few air pouches in between. So alot were crushed, box corner ripped.

I for the first time contacted them and send photos they requested. According to them, when I choose FedEx I should know they are not a careful carrier. I find this wrong as I never had issue with the carrier and the outside box was fine and the box/packaging shown that the sender did not package well or ever a little protection was added.

So HLJ said, the box is just the box, they dont consider it damaged unless I opened up and the figure has and issue then they might consider doing something.

If you have seen the figure, you know the box has a clear plastic window all around so yo can keep them as collection item and see it without opening it.

I never seen such company rudely blaming the carrier when it's obviously their poor packing that cause so many issues.

Rating 2/10

bought one pair of shoes with Ferrari logo for my son who loves it. wore it for about 6 days at school (he is in second grade) and broke. Thread in front came off and the whole velcro on one side ripped right off. Contact Puma.com and they said it was defective but wont replace shoes instead gave me credit to buy one myself again. Needless to say the same pair price is nearly twice as much so i had to purchase a cheaper pair because the credit does not cover tax or shipping. After i got the second pair, one side of bottom velcro came off. one side was sewn in about 1/8 and the other side only about 1/16, therefore the force of pulling on and off when wearing the shoes came right off and can wear one side. They did not even both to sew extra in the middle part to make sure that does not happen. Same issue as the first pair but Puma said their policy is replace/credit only one pair per year, does not matter if the replacement broke or not within that time.

So the money originally paid for a good pair of shoes ended up with no wearable shoes other than spending so much time and last about 1 1/2 months for both pairs combined.

I dont expect them to last a year or so but at least a good few months. Even cheaper name shoes last longer than that.

My son loves the look but useless if you can only wear it for such a short amount of time. Would go for other brands than Puma for sure.

Rating 2/10

First of, how is Best Buy still in business???

I placed an order for a wireless mouse. It was shipped in decent time. When i opened it, the box was cut opened on the side with a knife and something was moving/missing from it. The bottom was opened and retapped back (poorly) with matted scotch tape. Through the clear cover over the mouse, i can see the scatches and dirt inside of it.....I wouldn't be upset if it was a item from cowboom, but we paid of a brand new seal item.....so they wanted up either pay shipping back for exchange or store credit or drive and return/exchange at store provided that they have the same item in stock. I got it in a less than pleasant color so we dont have to drive to the store, this defeat the purchase of online shopping if you still have to drive to the store to fix their mistake...

Rating 2/10

Well, I think this is the first time since 1999 that i am writing a rating here for Ebay. Currently they have charged me over $200 in listing fees on FREE LISTINGS Days. I have listed these same items on their fee listings for months...and now this glitch. Called, they could not find a reason why i have charged.

First, they claim there was not free listing on June 19, 2012, then asked me to prove it. I did, and they said because of my catergory, i asked them to check again. confirmed that was not the case. Then they said will credit me but went off for 15 or mins and said give them 2 days for their billing analysis to check and will email me then. If i like, i can call back...this is beyond ridiculous. My monthly bill the month before this was only $18. I might have to go to small claim court just for them to remove this...truly a sad site for once a great place .

provided case number from phone call

+ Read the user comments for this survey

Rating 2/10

This has to be the worst online retailer I have ever purchased anything from.

Purchased a set of bed and chest. bed frame was hold and gauges in the middle of the wood pieces and other parts have missing paints and chipping.

i called up and ask for a few replacements pieces from the maker, they said for this item,i need to contact the merchant. I called BO and said they have the parts and happy to send it out. The lady was so nice and friend. While putting in the request for the parts, confirming my address and such, we got disconnected and i couldn't get through for while so i emailed them. Which they responded very quickly . But i was told that the item is now out of stock and they have no parts to send. They hope i can find parts somewhere else or return the items. I said there is no other place to get the parts for the bed and stuff you sell and ask to return them. They said they will send me label to repack and return. Said ok. The next email i got was from a different person (they have name on each email i received a reply to) and now they said cannot send labels but can send the UPS man to pick them up. I said ok.

Everything was repacked and returned to them. Waited two days and recieved an email saying they got them back but can only refund about 1/3 of my money only. I paid over $100 to get these heavy item shipped and they said they will refund all my money. These guys are scammers.

Rating 2/10

well, this is the first time i ordered from Cowboom. I ordered a Sanza Fuse in Black. First off, it said "new" but apparently it was not. According to them, new does not mean new and you will have to read that deep on the site, so be careful when you buy. Second, the packaging was beyond horrible. For this item, they put it in a large envelope that suppose to be bubbled but as flat as can be. No inside protection or anything. The player box was complete crushed. Lucky the player is so thin it was fine. I do hope Best Buy is better as I still have a large amount gift card that i cant used anywhere else.

Update: 3/8/10--
Cowboom has contacted me regarding the packaging issue and offered a $10 credit. I have rejected this as it was not necessary, and thank them for taking their time to contact me. It is more than many other companies I have dealt with.

posted Mar-08-2011

A rep from CowBoom (a Best Buy Brand, Cowboom.com,has responded

“Thank you for bringing your concern to our attention. We apologize in regards to the condition that your item was delivered. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to reach out to you and resolve your concern. If you have any other questions or concerns in regards to the item or shipping of the item please contact our customer support team. Thank you for the positive feedback that you emailed to us after we addressed your concern.”

Rating 2/10

Placed order on 12/4/10. Wait until 12/08/10, no update of anykind so i emailed asking about order. They then update to pending/processing. Now it has been 10 days since I placed order. I made sure all items were in stock too. No shipping, no update and no contact from them. We are both in the same states only a few cities away too. This is the firs time i ordered from them. Very poor service and very slow. Of course my card has been charged days ago.

Rating 2/10

My husband and i each made an order, he ordered or his mom who is coming in to visit us and me for my family baptism. either of us have ever order from them for the first time. After 4 days, we got an email saying our order were cancel and will not be charged. Our bank account has a hold on the money since the day we order and still on hold. Godiva apparently said it was a price mistake but this has happened since early this year. That also tried to say it's Amazon's fault but it's them who get to put down the description and price. I guess i am the firs to post here as Amazon deleted hundreds of canceled order and did not allow anyone to leave them feedback. This is a pretty bad company. You can see some others who are pretty pissed on Godiva's facebook too.

Rating 2/10

5/24/10, i ordered a 7-Port USB High-speed Hub with Splitter Cable. The amount was 6.32 with California tax included. I wait two weeks later and got no item. i contacted them. They said it should be there in a day or two. The next week, no item. I emailed them again. No response. So i called in as they are in the same state. i was told i should get it in a few days. I told her i been waiting and was told the same thing last week. I then asked for tracking, she said no tracking as item was in China. But she can put a trace for it after a week of shipment. I said can she do that as it has been weeks. She said she dont want to do that and told me just until it comes. I then asked for a refund since it has been weeks. She said no and if i want my money back, call my credit card and hung up on me.

Dont waste your time even if you see all the cool and cute stuff they have.

--Added in response to their message. it has been 3 weeks. You said 2-3 weeks. i waited 3 weeks before calling you. I know it is from oversea so i gave you the max time of delivery. Still no items. i was told by the CS that i need to call my CC, which i did. This i beyond slow and bad service.

--6/17/10. it has now been well over 3 weeks. Still no product to show, no response from the last email, and of course no refund. All they say is keep waiting and it will come...when?? on here, in the last two emails over a week ago and on the BBB website complaint. oh-so poor service.

--6/25/2010: Now is over a month since i ordered and paid. No item at all. I sent them emails to ask about order and trace but they won't response. They also lied to the Better Business Bureau saying it has not been 3 weeks when in fact i has been over a month. I still have the original order that was emailed to me and the statement from my Credit Card. I dont even think they ship out anything to me. The guys are Scammers!

--6/28/10. They gave me a refund when i asked them to do a trace on the item they said they shipped. Not sure if they shipped or not but they won't do a trace and refunded me instead. Also, i checked the item again, it did not say it will be shipped from overseas. What it said was some of their items will be shipped from overseas but you dont know which one until you order, paid and keep waiting. Well, over a month of wasted time but i got my money back.

posted Jun-14-2010

A rep from Shop4Tech.com, shop4tech1,has responded

“We apologize for the inconvenience you experienced with your order. Upon reviewing your order, the item in your order takes 2-3 weeks to be delivered as stated on our website as it ships from our overseas facility here:

It is on its way and will be delivered within that time frame. Thank you for choosing shop4tech.com. We value and appreciate your business.”

Rating 2/10

I should have known not to order on Mermorial Weekend sales but can't resist. also ignored my husband's warning about them.

on 5/31/10 i ordered two desks and two hutches to go with them as they were having a special, if you buy them together you get $179 off, plus i have a personal coupon for another $30 off. What better time than now. Wrong!! After placing my order, 1 desk and two hutches were back ordered. Ok, i can wait asking them to ship all together. apparently it was too hard for them to understand.

6/1/10, i got confirmation of one desk shipped, charged for full amount, then 6/2/10 got two more confirmations of two hutches, shipped seperately, charged for 2 full amounts. Now, there goes my special discounts as they decided to split up my order into 3 individual orders. (not counting the other desk not instock yet!) I also get no $30 because of this. So got charged over $300 instead of the $118 i had in my original order.

I decided to call and cancel my order and the was told i only get charged for $124, i was confused and ask for more info. Then got hung up. Called back 3 more times, same thing happened. they CS i was exchanging emails with no longer response. Now All shipments were canceled. No items, and no sign of any Customer Service at all. And of course, out of money.

Still waiting for a response or my money back.

Oh, forgot to update this but around mid June after filling with the BBB, a kind lady emailed and called me to fix the issue. I forward her the email i got from Robert after nearly a week saying the warehouse confirm i did not received any item and can issue me the $300+ they charged me. She did also offer me a $40 gift card which sadly was useless because their selection of stuff instore is pretty limited and nearly twice as much as other place. i gave it up and not bother with it. But finally one really helpful and nice lady after all the horrible service and lies.

well, 3 years alot i gave them another chance and guess what??? worse than before:

I am surprise this company can still be in business. Customer service lying, overcharging and wont refund my money. Still fighting and waiting for them to response to my BBB complaint.

The waiting time on the phone is shorter than expected but after calling in 4 times and they called me back 1 time in one day to fix 1/2 of an order , (only ordered 2 items to begin with) and they still screwed up and charged me nearly 6 times what it supposed to be.

Rating 2/10

march 15, 2010, we placed an order for a baby high chair and a baby swing. After we ordered, it said items were backordered but will be available 25-27 days guaranteed. Ok, items were for my sister and she is not due until August, plenty of time. After 30 days passed, we contacted them via phone and email. Email said shipment were running late, and will be here in a few days. ok. A few days later, no response. we called and they said they dont have record of our order. How come, because we were charged the day we ordered, no kidding. They have been holding the money for over a month now. We kept calling and they kept saying it will be here in a few days and someone will call us in 24-48 hours...twice, no one did. We called again and asked for refund if they dont have it or able to tell use the correct time when it will be available. They said ok. No cancellation of anything, or refund. Now it has been over 40 days. I contacted my bank and the bbb. A few days later, we got a dispute credit from our bank. We also got a emial from Sears saying they have no record of our order. I forwarded them the order confirmation and the total they charged us. They lied to the bbb saying it was canceled, but i asked for the cancel email/letter, i didn't get one. Or a refund even though they said our order was canceled. They claim items were discontinued. How come they still sell them for hundreds of others including me when they dont have any? They did acknowledge the chargeback we had to file to get our money back as they wont' refund us after they claimed they canceled our order.

Before this, we had a different order and when we came to pick item up, they said they dont have any., But they sent us an emial and told us it was ready to be picked up and charged us days before too.

in short, DON'T order on Sears.com, they are horrible. They lie and have horrible customer service.

Everytime i see a items from Sears, I just hit the Back button to save me the agony i know that will come.

Rating 10/10

First of all, before you place your order or upload images, you need to know that this company is in China.
Now onto the rest

-quality: Their glossy prints can't be beat. their matted is ok, kind of dark. You also need to send/upload decent and large files also. I seen many complains on their forum because they send in photos taken from cheap dc or phone.

-Prices: their prices are fair for what you get. and they have a good range to choose from

-Shipping: This is the part that kills you. Shipping only via first class, so it takes long and cost very high.

-Services: at first, their customer services were quite bad and items arrived damaged as they did not know how to pack when they first opened. Orders were taking 1-2 weeks before shipping. Now it's about 3-5 days.

-Deals: they have great deals. They need to as the shipping is so high. They also give you lots of free prints and credits when you sign up. and much more each time you placed an order.

Overall, i used this printing service for about 6-7 times since they first opened. Only had one problem with large prints being a little damaged on edge. All prints came out great compared to other places locally.

Rating 10/10

I rarely walk into the store let alone buy online but on may 1, 2009, i purchased a Vtech® Disney Princess Carriage Laptop™ for my god daughter. they were a little slow in shipping out the items, but did provide shipping confirmation via email and the item did arrive on time by ups. item works great for the sale price they had. Though i would say their shipping is much higher than other online places for same item.