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Looks like I had the exact same experience with these ass clowns that the rest of you did. STAY AWAY!!!

I ordered a Samsung DLP for $1420 + $129 shipping on 5.15.06. It was advertisted as "brand new, factory sealed." I even called them to confirm this. He told me that it was sent back to Samsung to be "reinspected" since it had been on the shelf for a while, but that it was NOT refurbished. I said okay and ordered it.

A few days later, I hadn't received any kind of word from them, so I checked my order status online. Ah hah! The extra $130 charge for "insurance" that everyone else has mentioned had magically appeared. I called and asked them what the hell was going on about that, and he gave me some crap about them having to charge insurance based on what state you live in, blah blah. I lectured him for a moment about how they should have let me know about that BEFORE I placed my order, and he was very apologetic. This was on roughly the 21st of May. He said the TV would ship out the next day and I would receive an e-mail with the tracking number.

Alas, no e-mail the next day. Checked the order status on the website, and it still said "pending." So I waited a week or so. I checked my order status again yesterday and it said "NTN" - which I found out later means "need to notify"....a fancy term for backordered. How was my TV supposed to ship a week ago if it was backordered? Obviously someone was lying to me.

Last night (on 5.31) I started to get suspicious of these guys, so I did some research on them, and I found this website almost immediately, which confirmed my deepest fears. I promptly called my credit card company and told them what was going on. Thankfully, my card hadn't been charged yet because obviously the TV hadn't shipped. They said that since I had given them a heads-up before the charge, I'd have a very good case if I had to eventually dispute any charges with crazy4digital.

I just called today and cancelled the order, which is now reflected on my order status page on their website, AND I made him give me a cancellation confirmation number. I didn't have to fight with him (I believe it was this "Henry" guy that others have mentioned) - I think he could tell that I knew exactly what was going on, and that it wouldn't be worth his time to try convincing me to stay. I must have had a tone :)

I bought the TV at TigerDirect last night for $1499 shipped, and it's DEFINITELY brand-new! I even got a 2-year warranty (after Samsung's expires) for $139, which brought my total up to $1638. That's $30 cheaper than crazy4digital's price, and I'm getting more. I'd say I'm getting a lot more, considering that with TigerDirect I'll actually get my merchandise for the price I agreed to, which is the exact opposite of my experience with crazy4digital.

Again, STAY AWAY. These guys are a 100% shady and fradulent business. I will be filing a complaint with the BBB as soon as possible.

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