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Xotic PC


Gigabyte Areo 15

I spent a lot of time on the phone up to the purchase of this computer. I was coming from a MAC to a PC and had a lot of questions that needed clarification. I mostly spoke with a guy named Jake who was amazing. I was able to figure out what upgrades I needed and about all the cool offers that they had going on at the time. Additionally, after I received my computer I called on 11/27 as I couldn't get some of features with the function keys and keyboard coloring to work. I spoke to Jake AGAIN and he sent me all the drivers I needed to get me rolling.

The computer has also held up so far to what it was supposed to be able to do though I have only had a few weeks to test it out. The speed is pretty good, the battery life is awesome, and I really like the cool design and green color. Sort of sets me apart. I also like how customization some of the gigabyte drivers allow.

At this point, your probably wondering about the 3 star. Well, one of the free promotions was a free Funko Pop. I really like these collectibles and was excited to get a free one. Unfortunately, it was not appropriately packed and the box was damaged during shipping. I reached out to see what Xotic PC would do. I sent pictures as well and I received an initial response from Barry that he would have check to see if one could be sent and that if I hadn't heard from him in 1-2 days I should reach back out. Two days passed and I reached back out. After another day passed I used the chat feature and received a response at the end of the day. Barry wanted to know if the Pop itself was damaged which it wasn't. I explained that the box was important as these are collectibles. I was informed about 48 hours later (business hours) that since it was a free item that I would need to pay shipping to and from Xotic PC to send my old one back and get a new Pop. We all know that basically I could go buy a new one for that
I realize that this isn't a computer related issue but it speaks a lot to customer service. I purchased a $2,000+ laptop and accessories and part of that order was a Pop. It was damaged due to poor packing (space around the other two boxes crushed it) and the box was damaged. Therefore, part of my order was not satisfactory. Whether free or not should not matter in this case. Therefore, they get a three star as this doesn't leave a great impression at this point.

However, I truly believe that if I have any computer related issues they will be there promptly to help. I also believe there prices and services are fair.

Edit 12/27/17

I was contacted on December 22nd by Xotic PC again as they saw my review and wished to make things right. This is extremely important to note. They did not need to do this. There are plenty reviews for them that mine wouldn't cause a problem nor was mine really a bad rating. They reached out and we quickly came to an agreement to get things 100% good to go. In fact, the offer to make things go smoothly was so good that I called to make sure that it was actually correct and authentic. Jake answered again ( I am convinced that he is the only one that works there on the phones) and he quickly verified and made sure I didn't need any other help. I boosted them to a 4 star rating because this service and experience was "Very Good" but having this issue taken care of 22 days ago would have been "Excellent".

Edit: 12/28/17

Upon seeing my updated review, Xotic PC decided that they were not satisfied with my increment increase to 4 stars (from 3 initially) and agreed that 20 days to attempt to fix an issue was to long. Thus, they offered some free gear as an apology for the time. Therefore, its important to note a few things here: 1. The Xotic PC people that you work with stick with you. My two were Barry and Jake. Jake did all my technical difficulties and Barry did all my customer satisfaction/shipping issue communications. Barry really stepped up to the plate at the end of all this. He reached out to me on several instances with proper professionalism and the understanding that the wait time and issue needed to be addressed. I was able to chat with him on their website and quickly engaged in great dialogue asking about various things and ending very satisfied about the entire situation. The second thing is that if you are willing to work with Xotic PC they are willing to make things work. While not necessarily miracle works they do try their best when treated properly. Barry was going all over his building to get the necessary approvals to make things right with me. It is super important to note that these guys are also human and act human. They are willing to joke and have some fun and I will continue to purchase from them in the future.

I HIGHLY recommend this company for anything computer related as you will not be disappointed with their non-peak (Holiday time is tough for them in terms of responding) time service. They are always friendly and for my computer issues super fast and accurate.

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