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Run Forest Run
Stay away - Scam
They charged my account and no verification email or phone call occurred. They did not answer my phone call. Still no E-Gift card from Pottery Barn. You messed with the wrong person. Am disputing the charge

11/13/2014 Thursday
Ordered discounted Pottery Barn E-Gift card at 6:39 Pacific Time. Was promised that the E-Gift card would arrive within 24 hours.

11/13/2014 charge was assessed 669.79
11/16/2014 CARDPOOL INC 415-4198787 CA $669.79

AS of 11/17/2016 - Noone has called to "verify" information and still no E-Gift card

I emailed the company (there is no phone number) wondering when the E-Gift email for Pottery Barn would arrive.

I emailed the company again stating that I had not heard back and that my expectation is I would have received it by now. I also stated that I wanted to put in an order at Pottery Barn and did not want to miss the sale. And that I was not feeling warm and fuzzy about the transaction

I emailed the Parent company Blackhawk Network who owns cardpool after I had done some research. I also cc'd support@cardpool again.
Blackhawk returned the email stating that cardpool had 24 hours to email the E-Gift card from Pottery Barn. (Alexandria Rogers CR Blackhawk)
Received email from (Theana) that apologized for the delay in responding to the email. Through research on the Internet, this is a common ploy they used. They also stated the following:
We apologize for the delay in responding to your email as our support center has been handling a much higher volume of requests than normal. Our records show you should have received an e-mail shortly after placing your order with the subject "Verification Required For Your Cardpool Order."
In order to prevent identity and credit card theft, we sometimes require a one-time verification process for accounts. In that e-mail, there are instructions on how to verify the order.
If you do not believe you received the verification e-mail, please let us know and we can opt to have one of our verification specialists call to verify your order. "

T - I had not received any email from them asking for verification and I was receiving their canned response emails just fine.

I sent an email stating that I had not received no verification. I also gave my phone number to call and they did not.

Through research in viewing customers complaints on this company, I found a phone number 415-418-8787 and left a voice mail. Noone called me back.

I sent another email giving another phone number for them to call me. They did not

I sent another email to BH Customer Service and cc'd and stated that they might want to check their system on why it is not sending out emails. I also stated that my expectation is I receive this by 6:40pm on Friday 11/14/2014, that would have been 24 hours and noone called.

11/17/2014 8:33am
As of today, noone has called to "verify me" nor have I received the E-Gift card from Pottery Barn.
11/16/2014 CARDPOOL INC 415-4198787 CA $669.79

I am disputing this charge and want it removed. Did not receive
Do not want to hear any excuses from, everyone has already heard them already.

If I could give a negative review I would

Big Girls Bras Etc.


Do not buy from this company. They are doing the same thing to me that they have done to everyone else. I ordered two items and kept partial of one of the items and returned the other order. They also charged me for an item that I did not receive nor did they tell me that they had charged me. Red Flag: Any vendor that asks you to leave a phone message. I have emailed, left phone messages and finally received a phone call yesterday from Bonnie saying it would be refunded to my cc within two weeks. She mentioned that she had been off last Friday when I made the phone call. Hmm so what happend to all of the other communication that I have done. Not buying that since many of the customers have not received their refund back yet. Too late Bonnie I am disputing the charges with the credit card company.

They gave me a store credit three weeks ago even though I wanted a refund to my cc. Bigger Bras, you messed with the wrong person


ordered mag on 12/7/07. never arrived and double charged me.
1/7/8 - called and talked to J. said credit would arrive in 48hrs. never arrived
2/3/08 - called and left message. nobody called back.
2/6/08 - called and left message. nobody called back
2/6/08 - called and talked to J. again credit was issued for the double charge on 2/7/08
2/3/08 - Called and left message. nobody called back
2/6/08 - Called and left message. nobody called back
2/6/08 - afternoon called and talked to Justin again. Credit was issued for double charge on 2/7/08.
Since magazine never arrived and should have arrived by then, called to cancel order
3/4/08 - called and left message. nobody called back.
3/17/08 - called and talke to another person called Jason. Told him the last time this happened I had to call several times. He assured me it would not happen and that my moeny would be refunded. No money was refunded
3/21/08 - called and left message. nobody called back and no money refunded.
3/24/08 - called and left message. nobody called back and no money refunded.
3/26/08 - called and left message. nobody called and no credit has been issued.
03/28/08 - called credit card company and disputed charge.

posted Nov-06-2008

A rep from Mags4Cheap (Magazines 4 C,,has responded


My name is R. Brandon Fallon. I am the owner of Mags4cheap.
If you have not received your magazine or a refund, please give me a
call directly at 281-558-3949 so I can get this handled for you.
I will be happy to investigate this, and refund you if necessary.

Thank you,

R. Brandon Fallon ”

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