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All 6 customer reviews

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seems to be out of business

All items I looked at on their website are "out of stock".
A phone call to their toll-free number says it is disconnected.
A phone call to their regular Colorado number forwards into a voice mailbox for "Melissa". Poor woman may be getting inundated with calls and messages from people looking for customer service.

Warehouse Lighting


Prompt shipping but item damaged in transit

Ordered a Kenroy Watercross fountain. Shipping was prompt, but since the item was shipped just in its original box, it wasn't well protected, and one of the square "steps" had broken off. Given the size and weight of the item, and the fact that it would have been too much work to repackage it to ship back (the box would not have survived a return trip unless I wrapped it in about 50 yards of packaging tape), I decided it was easier to just glue the piece back on and hope it stays.

Also I discovered after I received the item that several retailers had cut their prices for the same item to about $100 less than I had paid. (Either bad timing or insufficient searching on my part.)


Fast shipping (2 days at no extra charge), great price. Price even included a watchband, whereas other vendors charged a lot more for the watch without a band.

Alarm Relay


I've had this service for a year now. Customer support by phone has been very good -- have not had problems getting through, and the person answering has always been courteous (and clearly is based in the US). We've had some false alarms, and they've called promptly.

I'm dinging them one star though because their website advertises $8.95/month, but for the 2nd year of service they charge $9.95/month, and for the 3rd year, $10.45/month. This is very hard to find on their website (in fact I couldn't find a link to this information on their site, and had to use Google to find the hidden page). It's still reasonable pricing, but this needs to be clearly stated on the same page that they advertise '$8.95/month.'


Ordered four rugs. Shipping/tracking was confusing, since their site only provided one tracking number, but the rugs were sent in two shipments. The first rug arrived within a week of ordering. Then nothing -- no new tracking number for the other rugs, no response from eSaleRugs to an emailed inquiry. About 10 days later, the other rugs arrived.

Fortunately they were much more responsive when I emailed them to return two of the rugs. They offered a discount if I would keep the rugs instead, but I declined, so they promptly provided instructions for returning them. The only difficult part was repackaging the rugs for shipment. Fortunately I was able to use the original packaging tarp.

I shipped them on a Tuesday; they sent a refund 13 days later. Not bad, but perhaps it could have been faster (and cheaper for them) if they had refunded my credit card instead of sending a paper check. No complaint here -- more credit card points for me.

Overall, I'd ding them for lack of response to my first inquiry, but the score still rounds up to 5 stars.


Delivered hard to find product as expected. Was helpful in answering email questions before I ordered.

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posted Apr-30-2014

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