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Home Depot


Hot Water Tank Install

One would expect a company like Home Depot to do their due diligence and research and find reputable companies to contract with for installations. We went to Home Depot for a new hot water tank we thought all was going well. The company for my area, APPC Plumbing Services, were super respondent in the beginning, called and gave me a free estimate over the phone, and could even perform a same day install. The problems started the following morning when I woke up to take a shower and the water was freezing cold. I let the shower run for 10-15 minutes and it wasn't warming up. All of the sinks and other spigots/taps in my house were coming out scalding hot. I went to make sure all of the valves were turned on and one wasn't accidentally forgotten, and they were all good to go. The water in my shower still wasn't heating up. I went downstairs and tried the only other shower in my house, and experienced the same thing. The shower water was freezing even when turned all the way to hot, but the sink had hot water coming out of it almost instantly. I called the company Home Depot contracts with and they said they would "have to call me back and let me know because their schedule was full" for that day. Hours later, I call them back again and they tell me they won't be able to make it out to look at the issue. This went on for THREE DAYS after the initial install, and I ended up calling and paying for another company to come out and take a look. Bottom line, they were eager to get the sale and install same day for "customer satisfaction," but would not come back out and look at their shotty work. I spent $1,100 on a $750 project because of the company that Home Depot contracts with in my area for hot water tank installs. They wouldn't come back out to the house and I had to pay someone else to fix their work. Save yourself days of run around and go to Lowes. Or better yet, do your own research and diligence and find a local, reputable company that will stand behind their work and leave the big box stores out of it all together. I'll never use Home Depot for another project.

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