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Ordered a Refurb Bowflex Revolution home gym from Fitness Superstore. Took some time (as expected and stated on their web page) for delivery- about 3-4 weeks - but product came fully assembled to my door as ordered. On arrival a few problems were noted, a grating sound on one side of the machine, a few breaks in the material of the knee pads and a broken 40 lb weight, few scratches during shipment. Otherwise the machine looked new. Within 3 days of alerting fitness superstore of these issues, they had a very knowledgeable repair service man come to my house ( I believe they contract with local repair teams where you live) and fix everything. I did purchase the warranty service for a couple hundred dollars that covers this machine for several years and would recommend this as it has already paid for itself. Now the machine works great, no issues and I am already meeting some of the fitness goals I had set out to accomplish after a month of use. Plus, I got the machine at a great price (saved over a $1000 from what I would have paid for a new product at bowflex). Overall a great experience, the fitness superstore team is responsive and really seem to care about their customers. Highly recommend if you are looking to save some cash on expensive workout equipment. I will be purchasing from them again.



I purchased a desktop computer from during their Black Friday sales event. I had been checking out their web page for over a month prior to my purchase, constructing different builds for my new desktop. I investigated several other vendors, including Dell, HP, Cyberpowerpc, Alienware (owned by Dell), Digitalstorm and several others. After comparing price points, quality of components and recent reviews, I decided to go with ibuypower.

Before going on, I must admit that I am a very careful internet shopper and I was a bit weary of purchasing from I tend to research things to death (I’m a scientist, what do you expect!), which is why I spent so much time researching the vendors listed above. I checked their BBB rating, numerous review sites including (note ibuypower’s very strong reviews over the past 6 mo) and decided to give them a shot. I was not disappointed. In fact, I must admit it has been one of the most pleasant computer purchasing experiences I have ever had. Bear in mind, I have bought computers from Packard Bell (remember them?), Compaq, IBM, Dell and Gateway to name a few. I have dealt with untold horrors regarding customer service with a vast majority of the aforementioned companies (they don’t speak English, they have no idea what they are talking about, they blame me for the inferior quality of their products, etc. etc. etc.).

I received my new desktop computer in less than 2 weeks from its purchase date (I opted for a “free shipping” computer, ground, no special extra-protective packaging including). The computer came in a big brown box. Upon opening the box, I found another box, (the box for the tower I purchased with the computer), carefully encased in foam/egg crate material. The computer itself was in perfect condition, with additional foam packing inside the tower itself. I removed this foam, connected a side fan on the case to the power supply (I presume they left this unplugged to make room for the foam) and launched the computer. The computer is blazing fast (Core I7, lots of DDR3 1600 RAM, HD 5770 1Gb ati graphics, liquid cooling, etc.) and all the components/hardware/software worked very well except…

I noted the speakers were not working (purchased the basic speakers from ibuypower). I Called up tech support (waited from less than 30 seconds!!). The gentleman on the phone (unfortunately his name skips my mind, but he was awesome…not only did he speak English, but his knowledge of computers was superb), typed a few lines on his computer and solved this problem instantly. Never, NEVER have I received such excellent service from any tech company. I was floored. He helped me with a few other things, (talked about some of the hardware, made sure I plugged in that fan correctly!) and we were done. In 5 minutes. Amazing.

A few days later, I tried to play a DVD on the computer. No go. I knew the drive itself worked as I was able to install several program from it earlier. I called up tech support (waited about 1.5 minutes) and John was ready to help. He also spoke English and knew his stuff. He educated me on codecs for playing DVDs and went so far as to help me obtain a program that I know and love for playing DVDs!! You gotta be kidding me. Who are these guys? Short waits on the phone, helpful tips and English?!?

Regarding the past history of ibuypower, (lower ratings years ago, so-so BBB ratings) I can only assume the company has changed its policies immensely. I am certain that I will buy from them again (I think my old Toshiba laptop is running a bit slow!). If you buy from this company, I believe it is safe to say that you won’t be sorry. I am looking forward to doing business with them in the future.

To sum up, great product, great price, the BEST customer service I have ever experienced. If you are looking for a budget computer, a powerhouse, or something in-between, I would definitely recommend going with ibuypower. In all honesty, I will never go back to the ‘mainstream’ companies. If you are looking at the competition, check out their components/hardware. Look carefully at the RAM, motherboard, graphics card, etc. I could have easily spent the same amount of cash with those other companies that I spent on this computer and could even claim they have similar attributes: 8GB RAM, I7 processor, 1 GB graphics. However, you will find that the competition often has inferior quality RAM (slow at 1066), the motherboard is practically useless for upgrades, the case turns into an oven and the graphics card is an ancient 1GB GPU that runs at turtle-speed. I hope you find this review helpful.

Many thanks to ibuypower for their great service; given its rarity, it really is appreciated.

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