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safe bet you will lose money whether you're a seller or buyer

DO NOT use ebay...I am done with them once and for all. I have been a seller and buyer for a number of years of and on because stupid stuff keeps happening and I am never covered for the lies other people fed to ebay about the situation; I'm usually the honest one. I first had a lady buy some dishes and I thoroughly packed them, when she got them somehow they all ended up broken except a plate and the mugs which she had told me before buying them that she was only interested in the mugs. In the photos she provided she showed a HUGE knife with a good sized handle that she could have used to break these dishes to get a full refund and keep the mugs. I had filed with Fedex for insurance which if you ever deal with that kind of thing it takes at least a month , but she got impatient with me and filed a claim against me requesting all of her money returned when she should have only gotten a partial shipping fee returned and partial refund on the item as she had a plate and 3 or 4 mugs. Ebay sided with her even though I went out of my way to file a claim when she should have done this...her sob story was she had cancer and needed the money, even though I was sitting there facing lyme disease and other health problems that were keeping me in bed. We had a few other similar dealing like this. Now as a buyer I am having issues with them again...I bought saddle corner plates and turns out I can't find the proper hardware to attach them to a new saddle so I contacted the seller and he immediately had ebay open a case against me and they immediately closed the case in his favor not allowing me to respond and give my side of the story. I appeal and I am still waiting on a response, this same seller accepted a return of another plate I bought from him and his lame excuse is he miss read and clicked the wrong thing. I never asked for him to pay return shipping just for my money to be refunded once the item got returned to him. After all is said and done with the mess I have on ebay...I will be boycotting them FOREVER! We have lost a lot of money selling (when we could have donated for free and not lost anything) and from buying with buyers getting away with stuff...I never have any cases rule in my favor as a buyer or seller...please be warned and do not sell or buy from them!

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