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I bought 4 ATP ECC Registered 1G PC3200 DDR 400 RAM DIMMS mainly because ATACOM said they had them in stock where others did not. When I received them, I could hear them moving around in the package. All 4 DIMMS were packaged in the same NON-ANTI-Static clam shell that was not designed to contain 4 DIMMS. The Bubble wrap was also a NON-ANTI-STATIC wrap. All 4 DIMMS were able to bounce around and bounce against each other in the CLAM SHELL obviously designed for something completely different(Possibly a Heatsink/FAN combo?). Micro-resisters and/or capacitors were at the bottom of the Clam Shell. Every DIMM was missing some parts. There were more parts missing than what was laying in the bottom of the Clam Shell. I believe the RAM was damaged well before it was shipped out to me ...

I call them and the response was not what it should have been.

I did not here " We will send you knew RAM right away."

There first response was to blame UPS ... I am aware that UPS does not have the best record but given my previous experience with Sensitive Electonics Packaging, the RAM was Static damaged and Physically damaged before UPS ever received the package.

They expected me to send it back before they would either refund my money or send any replacements.

I did not trust this situation given the way that they packaged the RAM ... I definately did not want them to replace the RAM. I most certainly wanted a full refund.

They did not give me the impression that they had any intention of being honorable with there constant need to blame an outside source for their mistake.

I am currently still in process of resolving this issue but had gotten other parties involved prior to sending the RAM back. ATP(manufacturer of the RAM, a Local Computer Company that inspected the packaging of the RAM, UPS, and my CreditCard company.

I do not expect ATACOM to be honorable nor do I expect them to be truthful in admitting their mistake given the conversation I had with Jacky C. of ATACOM.

I do believe that they have people working in there company who post messages to these rating sites trying to disqualify the negatives.

Many of the positives just seem fake to me and some of them are typed with broken english in the same way that Jacky C. talked to me.

This company is not Honorable in anyway!! Something needs to be done about them ASAP given that they have been practicing such poor ethics for so long.

DO NOT be suckered in by any positives you may read about this company. Their main goal seems to be Stealing money anyway they can, Blaming the Shipper and/or consumer in order to possibly claim insurances. And/or just get money for providing bad and/or damaged products.

The Company should be BLACKLISTED!!!

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