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Zeus DVDs


Buyers Beware

I don't think I have anything to add over wrbtu's story since it is exactly the same here. Order completed, shipped, not reached, no response even after several mails. One more of the fly by night operators, one faces, especially when trying to get rare pieces.
I don't know when these would understand the basic concept that a sale is completed only when the item ownership changes hand, not the money of the buyer.



God help you, if you pay them upfront and the order doesn't arrive. Your money is sunk, since they will refund you only after "You return the merchandise", which you can't since you have never seen the package, leave aside the thing.
And no, they are not at all responsible for it getting delivered, that is my first hand experience. In fact after quite a few one like this, I have taken them off my list. The customer feed-back section didn't bother about losing a customer, at least they didn't even come back with a "sorry".
After a few proper executions, the problem started when a $ hundred plus package didn't land up, though the tracking said "delivered". I mailed to the service department, who naturally insisted on delivered (naturally they don't believe the customers, their couriers are more reliable source of information). While following it up, I placed another order (unfortunately) and specifically mentioned, not to use this courier, rather go through USPS or any other means. Not surprisingly the tracking details came, with this same courier, who again "delivered" the undelivered item. The correspondence with Amazon had once again been same "I don't believe you", not in word, but attitude, and nothing was going through despite several mails.
By now it was about $400 already out of my pocket (prepaid), so I took the pains to first contact the local office of the courier and then directly wrote to the courier's Director (International Operation). Within hours, the national head of the courier company called and in another couple of days, both the packages reached me. It showed the responsiveness of them (I don't fault them for the error, of the delivery boy, but give them credit for correcting once told).
This was supposed to be the job of Amazon, not me, but then I knew I haven't received, they didn't believe it even when told. With that type of culture, I am surprised they are surviving.
BTW, there are a few other packages too "Delivered" but they are in terms of tens of $ each, so I have put those into my loss account.

Barnes and Noble


Extremely responsive

I have been a long time purchaser from B&N and the experience had been excellent, to put it mildly. In fact in their effort to keep customers happy sometimes they had acted too fast. Once when the shipment was delayed, and I asked to check, they went as far as to refund it (it was prepaid) and then to my shock the shipment did arrive after just a few days. Well the repayment had to be done, which they took care of (without bothering me), by cancelling the cancellation. That type of responsiveness I have seen only from a few sellers, in fact only two. I wish others learn from them.


Buyers beware

They have a good collections, but on paper. It is now 6 months since the order is placed, and the reply is still ambiguous. Unfortunately, as per my practice, it was paid in advance and not COD.

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