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Xotic PC


Terrible Experience

In short, I have placed 3 orders because of configuration issues while building the machine on their website across 6 weeks. I have been told even though I am spending rearly $5000 all they can do is take away all the cyber sale promotions going on from thanskgiving to christmas, since they ran out due to complications out of my control, and rush build to my order. I am still waiting to see some of Xotic's "excellent customer service" or "dedication to excellence" but so far I have had headaches and lost all the promotions that got me excited to finally buy after watching your site on and off for 3 years.

Now more details. I have been trying to get a laptop for 6 weeks now and submitted my third buy order(you can transfer funds from previous order). The first one after calling and emailing at least once a week for 3 weeks finally said the computer could not be build the way I had it on their site and those options shouldnt have been there, ok fine everyone makes mistakes. I configured the second computer with Travis from XoticPC who confirmed there should not be any configuration issues with this one. After calling and sending emails almost everyday from 11/30/2017 to 12/21/2017 to make sure I could get this before Christmas I was told by Jake that MSI sent XoticPC the wrong configurations and they would have to fix this. I wondered how many people were affected by this. I figured since I am spending between $4000 and $5000 they would work with me a little since I was now having to configure my third system. After talking everyday from 12/27/2017 to 1/5/2017 they were going to include rush building($50) and diamond thermal compound($35) on my order, I was told initially. Since Sager is the only company that Xotic works with that can have multiple NVMe SSDs I had to go with one of their systems and since Xotic doesnt build those in their factory they then said they couldnt even do the diamond thermal compound. Upon placing my third order I was told that none of the Thanksgiving sales promotions I selected would be available and they are only willing to rush build my machine after all this. I have been as patient and willing to work with Xotic as I can possibly be but this has just about ruined my holidays because of how much money and stress all this has been and if there are any more issues I will definitely be taking my money elsewhere because its obvious they dont want it. Too bad because I have 3 people in my family that would like to get high end computers and a couple of friends that were thinking about getting new machines similar to mine.

Invoice Numbers and dates
100048273, 11/24/2017
100048573, 11/27/2017
100050595, 1/4/2018


2 days after posting this I was contacted by the sales manager I have been working with in regards to this review. While they still could not offer anything else in compensation for everything going, they were finally about to push my order through their financial department, give me a supplement payment to make up the different that my third machine cost, and rush build my computer which came to me 3 or 4 days after the last payment was submitted. I also appreciate the free 2 day shipping. I have been using it for 3 days and after updating all the drivers it seems to be working great. So far there are no build issues and my computer was build and shipped the way it was configured on their site. If you are willing to be patient and try to work with XoticPC and their prices are much lower then I would recommend them. However, for such a high dollar system as mine I feel like I shouldn't have had to stress and push so much so because of that I still can not recommend XoticPC without telling others my story so they can decide if its worth the stress or not.

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posted Jan-10-2018

A rep from Xotic PC, xoticpc,has responded

“We very much regret the issues you have experienced with us and want to ensure you we are addressing these issues and hope to come to a complete resolution you can be happy with. Our Customer Loyalty Manager has been in contact and we very much thank you for you business and the chance to make it right with you.”

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