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the BEST service and build, and an amazing Aero 15x V8

The people @ HID really are amazing. I had looked at several other reseller/customizers and landed here based on reviews and initial live chat contact with Ted K. from sales. Ted K was super helpful fine-tuning my build choices, and making suggestions that made sense and ALSO saved me some $$$. He wasn't your typical sales-person trying to up-sell as much as possible. The order process was clearly outlined, and HID was very responsive with any questions throughout. They'll tell you if and what parts need to be ordered (which there were in my case) and approx. ETA of said parts. Ordered parts were turned around in about a day, and the build/burn-in/ship took about 2 days with rush once they had the parts. So all told they were able to aquire parts, build/test and ship out in 4 days. Thanks to Ted, Nikki, Rosa and Vivian!!

Definitely recommend HID!

I've been running my new Aero 15X through its paces the past week or so, and so far am very happy with it. I customized my Aero with 32G 2666 RAM and 2x Evo 960 1TB NVME drives. It was not cheap, but man this thing fast. I write custom graphics and WebGL applications that run windows native and also on the linux sub-system. Switched over from Mac about a year ago b/c they just weren't keeping up with my spec needs in terms of Ram and GPU. My last laptop was an Acer Nitro 15, which was laready about a season or so old, and that was already a step up from my then Macbook Pro. The Aero is a big step up from the Acer.

And the Aero is light, thin, and pretty ****. A lot of reviewers say the design is plain and boring, but I don't agree at all. It reminds me of the Yamaha RX-15 Drum machine from the late 80's, which perfectly fits with my aesthetic, and my RX-15 :D I only wish they'd go with the Gigabyte logo on the lid instead of the whole word. But, I guess the logo would be easily confused with the Logitech logo, which is very similar.

I'm running a 4k monitor from the HDMI w/o any noticeable strain on the GPU at all. THe fans are super quiet unless I'm gaming, in which case they are loud, but no louder than other small laptops. When gaming, the Aero does get hotter than my old Acer, but then, it IS much smaller, so it's to be expected. I'm not a huge gamer anyway, so I'm not hitting 4+ hr sessions. If I were I might have gone with a different laptop. That said, The Division, WIldlands, Far Cry all play very smooth. Reviwers also seems to complain about the lack of G-sync, but since the monitor has a 144 refresh rate, I have not experienced any tearing whatsoever.

For me, the most important thing was how it runs my own software. By my estimations, it totally is on par with my Kabylake 6700K 4.4 OCed dekstop build for churning through graphix rendering w/o the fans even amping up. And it powers through all my Web/GL work as well. This thing is beasty, I love it.

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