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Worst experience ever!!!!

The whole experience was unpleasant from drop off to "pick up". I used SpotHero for a trip out of JFK airport. My family and I had reservations to park our car early one morning and the lot was a locked fenced in lot with no attendant. I called the given number for about 30-45 minutes before someone answered (running out of time for flight). There were two other people that had been waiting longer that was also about to miss flight. The attendant had to move like 5-6 cars just to make room for our car. This was all small potatoes compared to our return back to our car a week later. I called the number as the instruction through spothero told me to. I called once I landed and gave them my confirmation number and license plate # so they could come pick us up and get my car ready. Ohh i left out I'm traveling with my 3 yr old and my 1 yr old and my wife. On our return to NY, its about 10 degrees outside. When I called the attendant sounded like everything was running smooth and said call him again once i get my bags and someone will be there right away to pick us up, it was a valet service and they did drop us off. I got our bags and I called again and told him we were ready. This is when it got ugly, he said he couldn't accommodate my whole family and asked if he could just pick me up and leave my family and have me go pick up my family with my own car. Keep in mind its 10 degrees and we all were tired and my kids were freaking out. None of this seemed to intrest him and he said that he couldn't pick us up. I told him sure come get me. After waiting for 30-40 minutes I called back and he said its gonna be a while because his van tends to fill up in the first couple of terminals and then he has to take them to the lot. We were in terminal 4!!!!!! I was upset now because the taxi line had an hour wait and my kids were in meltdown mode. I got angry with attendant and he hung up on me and would not answer my phone calls. My wife called and he hung up on her and then blocked her number. We got in the taxi line, we waited the hour (no one ever came for us) the taxi took us to the lot and there was no one there and I couldn't get my car. I tried calling multiple time and no one answered the given number. I finally had the taxi driver call and it was answered on first ring and I told him we were waiting to be let into gate. The attendant came in about 5 minutes, (taxi meter running because we weren't about to step out into the cold with kids, we were finally getting warm in taxi) The attendant knew who I was and didn't say a word to me, so I proceeded to get my car, the car was open with keys in ignition, I pulled to the front where my family was waiting in taxi and loaded all our bags and got my family in and I asked the tenant if there was any way I could get reimbursed for the taxi ride, (i mean the lot was supposed to provide valet service that I paid for) well the tenant didn't like that and started to yell at me and this is when I went full atom bomb mode cause I was disgusted by spothero's service and we started yelling, (not proud of this at all) the tenant, I thought was going to try and fight me, so i backed down because i just needed to get my family home and get some food in them. I was completely turned off by the whole experience and will never use this service again. Ohh and while we were yelling there was a returning customer that apparently couldn't find his car in the lot.

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