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B&H Photo-Video


Store cancelled order, no reason given

Ordered a camera objective from this store, paid with credit card.
The next day I got an e-mail that it was cancelled, no reason given.
Complained and got a copy/paste template answer about payment verification.
It could be that I temporarily am not living at the address which my banks credit card is registered to. But the store gave no options to differentiate between the two addresses.
Still do not really know what happened, other than it could be payment verification.
Their store do not support 2FA, so they probably rely on manual verification the next day.

This store is completely without any ability to accept constructive criticism, and use any opportunity to blame their customers.

They now claim the order raised multiple red flags. Which "multiple" red flags is this?
The possibility to change billing address is only visible when inputting credit card data. Default data there is previous provided address.
The site profile do not give any possibility to enter separate billing address.

I regret even attempting to do an purchase at this store. They obviously do not want customers who are not local.

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posted Mar-06-2018

A rep from B&H Photo-Video, henryp,has responded

“Thank you for your order and this feedback. We regret your dissatisfaction. One of our obligations to our legitimate customers, and a requirement imposed on retailers by the banks which handle credit card charges, is to deter credit card fraud, identity theft and other forms of online piracy. We ask customers for the billing address (the one the bank knows) and we offer the opportunity for the customer to provide a separate shipping address. We regret you did not take advantage of that and regret your transaction raised multiple red flags. -- Henry Posner / B&H Photo-Video”

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