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Simply the Best

Yes, HIDEvolution is legit and yes you should buy from them. Sometimes buying from the big familiar sellers such as Amazon and Newegg is not always the best option.

I have been playing PC games since 1987 as a six year old kid and I started building my own desktop gaming rigs since 2005. However, recently I decided I wanted to get a gaming laptop for travel. I bought a couple of laptops in a row (from one of the big online retailers) and I had nothing but a horrible experience. One of the laptops the company sent me was broken. After an RMA process, the next laptop they sent me had horrible backlight bleeding, which I absolutely hate. After several RMA's I kept getting laptops that I was unsatisfied with for one reason or another. I finally gave up on that particular seller and decided that I needed to find another route for purchasing a gaming laptop.

After doing a lot of online research, I kept coming across HIDEvolution, which I had never heard of. I was pretty skeptical at first, because like most people, I am comfortable with buying from big online retailers. I kept reading nothing but positive reviews about HID. Prior to ordering, I decided to reach out to HID regarding a customized laptop. Ted, HID owner, immediately and promptly responded to all of my emails. Ted helped me customize a new laptop - an ASUS G703VI (which is absolutely awesome by the way). I paid a little bit extra to ensure I received a laptop with minimal backlight bleed and boy was it worth it. HID customized my laptop exactly how I wanted it and delivered it much sooner than the original anticipated delivery date.

During the entire process, before and after purchase, I sent Ted several emails regarding my purchase and Ted was always quick to respond with answers. Shortly after receiving my laptop, I had a technical support issue regarding reinstalling some ROG software so I reached out to Ted, who immediately scheduled a call with one of his technicians for a time that was convenient for me. I mean that kind of customer service is unheard of. Zoltan, the HID tech, called me at the scheduled time and remotely connected to my computer (while on the phone with me) and helped me reinstall the software. Zoltan was nice enough to stay on the phone with me for an hour to make sure all of my concerns were met. If you have ever called technical support at any major electronics/computer company, you probably realize that most of these people barely know what they are talking about, and most of the time they are completely unfamiliar with their own products. Working with Zoltan was like a "God-Send." He was extremely professional and knew exactly what he was doing. I would have to say that I would buy from HID simply to have access to their tech support.

Overall, my entire purchase experience was extremely positive. I am going to continue to build my own desktop gaming rigs. However, HID won me over for my gaming laptop needs. I will not being going anywhere else for my future gaming laptop purchases. Do not have any doubts regarding purchasing from HID. They are the real deal. Their customer service and knowledge regarding their products is superior. If you want a gaming laptop, forget about the big retailers and go with HID. Their pricing is exactly the same as the major retailers. However, their customer service and tech support is infinitely better than a major retailer. And you can customize the laptop, if you want, to get exactly what you want.

Finally, the best thing about HID is that they are an authorized reseller for ASUS laptops (I love ASUS). So with the customized upgrades (which were extremely reasonably priced), ASUS considers the computer under factory warranty. If you crack open a laptop and mod it yourself, unfortunately that voids the manufacturer warranty. With HID you get exactly the computer you want and the peace of mind that you are covered by the manufacturer's warranty.

If you are in the market for a gaming laptop you really need to go to HID and don't look back. I really could not have been happier with my purchase. As an FYI, I have not been compensated for providing this review. I am writing it because I have been so impressed with HID. (USA)


Excellent Customer Service!!!

I have been ordering computer components and electronics equipment from Newegg since the early 2000's, and they always provide hands down excellent customer service.

I have been having difficulty with a recent order regarding a manufacturer not properly servicing a defect laptop that I purchased from Newegg. I went through the manufacturer's RMA process twice with no luck.

I then contacted Newegg for help dealing the manufacturer. Newegg stepped right in and is currently helping resolving the issue with the manufacturer.

On most recent call, I spoke with Brooklyn at Newegg. Her professionalism and curtesy should be a model for all those in the customer service industry. On the phone Brooklyn was very caring and she took the time to understand the issue from the point of the customer. She was very reassuring that Newegg will help fully resolve my issue.

That is just one example, but Newegg continually stocks the best and latest products that I want as a tech/PC enthusiast. Newegg is generally my first and last stop for my tech shopping.

Newegg is usually willing to price match with their competitors and in the rare instance where the the same product is offered slightly cheaper from a competitor I will still go with Newegg because I have piece of mind with their customer service and RMA/return process.

Newegg is truly a model that 21st century retailers should follow.

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