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Xotic PC


Worthless when things go wrong

I decided to order my wife a Sager 8157, since her desktop is a ten years old huge mess and on it's last legs on the 14th of December. She lives in another country from me, so I decided it best to order from Xotic PC who sold me my Sager 8153 smoothly rather than another reseller I don't necessarily trust. I tried to get live chat on their website to ask about shipping times, as I'd be visiting her on New Year's Eve, 17 days later; I ordered my Sager on the 19th of December and got it the 29th last year, so I should be all set, but it wouldn't hurt to get an opinion, right?

No answer on their website, no problem; they have a phone number so I call. I get ahold of Josh, who lets me know they don't have any backordered parts except on an upgraded processor so I should get it before then. I pay extra for Rush Build, who Josh tells me it'll build in 1-4 business days. Great! Payment goes through on the 15th, so I can expect it by the 19th, right?

After a couple days, I spoke with Travis, who let me know my laptop was looking to be completed the 19th. 19th passes, so I email them regarding it, and I ask them to get my shipping changed to overnight shipping. Get warned about delays, but a couple days delay should be fine as long as it'll be sent overnight. Get it all sorted out and paid for the 21st, which is great, because it still hasn't been completed despite a being a full business week after the payment went through. No big deal, as long as I get the laptop in the end, right?

I get notified that the laptop ships on the 26th; good thing, I got overnight shipping because it took them a full 7 business days to complete my order. Except, wait, it's showing UPS ground shipping. And not only that, it's showing the expected delivery is on the 2nd of January. I give Xotic a call, and get Travis again, who tells me they'll give Sager a call, because it looks like they didn't get the shipping memo. I ask him what can they do, because in every communication with them, I let them know about how the laptop is for my wife, and I'll even be out of the country for two weeks starting the 31st.

And then there's this silence. This long pause where he seems like he doesn't know what he can do to remedy this situation. I break it by asking him to update me the next day or when they hear back. He'll "make a note of it" .

Next day, I email them and no answer. Two days pass, and no answer. I end up calling Xotic because it's the 28th and I still haven't received it. I paid for Rush Build, didn't get it. I paid for Overnight Shipping, didn't get it. My call with Travis again results in silence, no answers, and I end up telling him to refund my order. I get an email response later, informing me that it's arriving the 2nd, even though the subject line of the email chain reads:
Re:[## 203700 ##] I bought a Sager last year and was looking to get another one for my wife, but we will be leaving the country on vacation for two weeks on New Years Eve. Could you give me an estimate on how much time it would take to process and deliver a Sager ...

A week passes, and I'm on and off getting emails trying to tell me to keep the system while I'm on vacation in another country. I send them one last email in the chain summarizing the events and let them know if they can get it to Canada at their expense, then I'll be happy enough after what they've put me through. No answer. I give them a call on the 12th, as no refunds have been received yet. I get in touch with Emily, who lets me know that apparently only the overnight shipping charges were being processed for refunds. Wait, what? Only the shipping? It's been over two weeks since I rejected a laptop I wouldn't even received and asked for a refund, and they saw it fit to refund only the shipping? I ask Emily to refund the whole thing, and ask her to send me some sort of proof that it's being processed. I get an RMA notice, and told it'll take up to 14 business days to process after Sager receives the return shipment from UPS, which falls on the 17th.

Good, I'm finally done with this episide, right? No, credit card tells me I've been only refunded 1699, the base price for a 8157. Not including costs of hard drives, Diamond IC, windows, etc, a total of 1798USD, plus 105USD for overnight shipping that never happened, a difference of 204USD. Called my credit card company for a dispute, and I'll deal with them instead of a company that doesn't have answers or even words to say for when things go wrong.

They ruined my New Year's Day gift for my wife by constantly not delivering on the shipping. To this day, they still haven't even responded to that last email. Every communication has ended in "sorry we couldn't make it work for you", but it's not as if there were attempts to rectify issues that should not have happened with my order. Normally, when someone apologizes, it's followed up by a resolution to not repeat the mistakes and to make up for them, but you won't even it that out of Xotic.

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posted Feb-23-2018

A rep from Xotic PC, xoticpc,has responded

“We are sorry for the issues this customer experienced. We strive to provide the best customer service. When we don't live up to that, we will do what it takes to make it right. We have been in contact with this customer since the review was written and are working with him to come to a resolution. We learn from these issues and appreciate the candid feedback from our customers.”

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