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Great Customer service!

I ordered the GL703VM-WB71 with the help of Ted of HIDevolution. I initially placed an order with XoticPC which gave me a pretty good deal on the same laptop and since I am not from the same state as them, I was not charged tax which was great.

XoticPC was great too but there was just too many miscommunication between all the reps. One would tell me that the laptop I want would be on pre-order, and others would tell me they have it in stock. Also every time I ask them a technical question such as what screen panel (tn vs ips) and whether or not the display has gsync vs nvidia optimus, I would get an answer like : "we dont have that information, but we will contact ASUS and get the answer for you." In the end, I never got an answer. I waited about two weeks before canceling my order. Though it was not entirely their fault since I was just tired of hearing there is no ETA on the laptop.

HIDevolution, however, was the only one of the three vendors to help me find the answer. I would actually get a reply even around midnight on a question I asked. And when they did not know the answer , they actually contacted asus and found the answer for me. Ted from HIDevolution was able to price-match XoticPC almost immediately. So far excellent service. Will update review further when I get my laptop.

EDIT: 11/8/17 After about 4 days since the day I placed the order, my laptop was shipped and schedule to be delivered Friday.

Xotic PC


Excellent Customer Service

I ordered the MSI PE62VR. Initially, there were issues ordering the laptop as I was trying to order with paypal. I was told that my shipping address and billing address must be the same if I want to use paypal. Similarly, I was told the same for credit card. However, the loyalty manager reached out to me and clarified that my addresses do not need to be the same if I were to use a credit card. After placing my order on 8/04, I finally received my laptop about 2 weeks later. Pretty quick considering that they do a burn in test and added thermal paste for me. The laptop is working great, though the screen is subpar but that's an MSI issue.



Terrible customer service. Ordered a tv and it was notified that the item was shipped two days later. After a week of no updates on the tracking number , I called only to find that they forgot to ship the item and therefore probably sold the tv to someone else. The only thing they can do is refund. Tried asking if they can give me a deal on a different tv and they said they can't because price is set by the vendor. Also said that when the tv comes back in stock , I have to pay the full price and then they will do a case appeal to get me reimbursed. I do not recommend shopping here. I understand damage during shipping or lost during shipping is bad luck, but they in fact forgot to ship the item..
I do alot of online shopping and experience plenty of issues but never have the seller forgot to ship the item..

I'd stay away from kohls and stick to buying from other major retailers such as bestbuy, amazon and etc..

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