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My Digital Palace


I tried to purchase an Olympus C-740 digital camera from this company. I generally read the reviews about companies before I order, but I was in a hurry to get this ordered before my wife found out as this was a birthday present for her. After I filled in all of my information on their web form, I was ready to click on the Submit button as I noticed that there was not an SSL connection and by mistake had clicked on the submit button. This really concerned me and then I received an email from telling me to call in to confirm my order. Once on the phone, they tried to sell me tons of extra stuff for the camera (bait and switch tactic) and after I told them I only wanted the camera, they told me it would be a longer wait time unless I ordered accessories. I told them to cancel my order and they said they would not do so. Then they asked why I wanted to cancel and I explained to them about the non-existance of the SSL certificate and the man called me an f**king liar and that they have the "Hacker Proof" logo on their website, which is totally 100% untrue. I told him to cancel my order to which he responded this is not a game, I am going to run your credit card immediately and f**k you. Then threatened me by saying they would turn me over to collections and then to their attorney and said f**k you again then hung up on me.
Each time I tried to call back, I either got hung up on or left on hold for over 30 minutes. I ended up ordering from a reputable company and everything went very well and the camera was received when they said it would be delivered. I ended up having to cancel/deactivate my card in order to keep this company from trying to run through a transaction. This company is a scam and needs to be shut down by the authorities. It is very sad that this is allowed to go on.

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