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Edmund Scientifics


I ordered a Complete Optical Bench from Edmund Scientific and the LED light source, bulb/lense was not in the socket inside the sealed unit. I was unable to open it to plug it in. I called many times and received a recording telling customers how important they are yet they never returned my call. Finally after trying for days, I reaches Linda Nogal who was very apologetic and sounded concerned abotu correcting this problem. She had FedX pick up the box the very next day and I haven't heard from them since.
If you want to buy something from Edmund Scientific, or Scientifics Direct their alternate name, first try calling their customer support and see how responsive they are. Then go somewhere else to get what ever you need from a supplier other than them. They have essentially stolen $112 from me and elude their customers after they have your money.


August 25, 2010 I ordered a new HP Laptop Pavilion DV6 and a wireless
keyboard/mouse to go with it. After finding the time to try it out, I
found that the wireless keyboard space bar didn't work unless it was
struck exactly in the middle. This is not acceptable as I need to go
through every document I type and separate the words with spaces. The
keyboard has a wide space bar for a reason, a space is used often by
both thumbs in my case. I called HP and after going through several
agents in India, and the US, Your customer service people sent me
another wireless keyboard/mouse combo. This did exactly the same thing.
Tonight was the first chance I've had and I called to see what HP will
do to correct my situation. I just got off the phone after 1hr and 45
minutes. In that time I initially was connected to 'Chloe' in the
Philippines who after asking me for all the information about the
problem including when, where, how I bought it, serial and part numbers
for both the new and old keyboards, whether I bought the keyboard/mouse
with a computer, what was the serial number, order number, shipping
order for the replacement keyboard, address, phone number and a
multitude of other questions and repeating them because they couldn't
understand partially because of the dialect and partly because the phone
lines are so crappy between here and the other side of the world, only
to be told that they were going to have to transfer me to a different
department for this. So I went to India, where I went through all of
this again and had the same ending and went to the US. At least the guy
there was cordial and could understand without repeating but he sent me
back to 'Raj' in India for another repetition who sent me back to the
Philippines again. There I spoke with 'Brian' and then his 'manager' who
essentially said sorry we will send you another of these same
keyboard/mouse combo's that I already have, that don't work. Customer
Service this is called, Total Care it's called. I used to be in Customer
Service as a Field Service Engineer and we took care of people. You sold
America out to these foreigners who could care less about customers, at
least this one. I told the guy forget it, don't send me another one. He
then said he'd have someone call me tomorrow and I ask for 8am and he said
9am. That was OK but then he said it may be within 48 hours he said. So
apparently he thought I was going to stay by the phone for the next 48
hours so I told him to forget

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