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If you're thinking of using Namescout, DON'T! They will actually "clam up" and refuse to answer your emails if you have a domain you're wanting transferred that is within 3 months of being renewed. I've been trying to get a transfer done for 3 months and 8 days and not one reply until after I paid their astronomically high (25.00!) domain renewal fee. Save yourself the headache and use network solutions or godaddy instead.

PC Universe


After three weeks of sending emails and getting no response I'm convinced this company is NOT in business anymore. Its a scam house for evil people that take your money and run! I spent over 200 with them for a motherboard and I've got no motherboard as of 1-7-2006. BUYER BEWARE!!!
Did I mention they don't answer emails??

posted Dec-13-2007

A rep from PC Universe, ,has responded

“We are extremely sorry that you had an unpleasant experience with PC Universe. Established in 1995, and now a publicly traded company, PC Universe has served thousands of satisfied customers nationwide. Rest assured customer service is our top priority. As a featured merchant on market place, we believe the 13,000 plus reviews in just the past year with an average of a 94% positive rating, 4.7 out of 5 stars proves this to be the case. We have worked hard to eliminate pricing and inventory error from our data feeds and will continue to do so until we reach 100% accuracy. However, unfortunately, the reality is that data error, though rare, can still happen. Our policy is to notify the customer and cancel the order as quickly as possible, as not to inconvenience them any further. It is also our policy to offer affected customers a 15% discount off their next PC Universe purchase to make up for the inconvenience. Our contract with Amazon, however, prevents us from sending any offers directly to you the customer via e-mail. If you were affected by a pricing or inventory error and have not received your coupon, please contact our customer service department at: 1-800-728-6483. You will need your original order number or some form of order information to confirm you were affected by the error and received a coupon for 15% off your next order. Again, we are truly sorry for inconveniencing you and will continue to improve, so that it does not happen again.


I've got one word to say about this company...Junk.
I bought 2 1gb sticks of PC3200 DDR Ram because they had the cheapest...Supposed to be Micron, but ended up being no name brand covered up with copper heat sinks. Doesn't answer emails. Don't bother with them. If you've already bought and you have problems, just go straight to your CC company. They won't talk to you. (USA)


I've used Newegg for the last 3 years or so with never any complaints. They've always been fast on the shipping (next day even!) and their ratings really help with deciding whether or not a product is worth it's price. They even let you suggest products if you want something they don't carry! Returns are a snap too. And if something is horrible quality they're pretty quick to snatch it from the shelves and replace it with something better. I never even look anywhere else anymore. Just Newegg. If this company were a woman I'd marry her. Now that's saying something!



Ordered a new HDTV from because of the great price (140.00 less than TV arrived a week before it was scheduled to be here. Very very impressed.



It's sooo nice to see a company that cares about it's customers! Customer service is top notch, but you don't pay extra for it like with some companies! I bought a refirbished Dell 21" monitor. It arrived within 4 days and it's fantastic! Also, it was only 70 bucks!



This company was horrible to deal with. No wonder their Alexa rating is so low. Their website is slow and when I finally got it to work (they had the lowest price) I filled my cart and checked out. I needed the items within a week so I chose 2 day Fedex shipping for an extra 40 bucks.
Now, you'd think that's enough time, one week for a two day shipment...Right?
No, they didn't ship it for 3 days then when they finally did it went out UPS ground.
GROUND! That's 7-10 days extra.
I tried unsuccessfully to get a hold of them but
no one EVER answers the phone there and emails must just disappear into the ether. They dont communicate with their customers at all.

Needless to say I wont be using them again. EVER.
Im also disputing the charges on my card for the extra shipping fees. What a horrible company!



I ordered a few small items from them and granted, I only spent 130.00, but to me that's
enough to get good customer service.
This company doesnt accept emails, primarily
because their email box is FULL. All emails
are being returned.
They also dont answer the phone. I've tried
several times at all hours of the day with
0 results.
I'm wondering if they're out of business at
this point. Disputing charges with my card


I have to say I've bought from Aaronix 5 different times now and I'm never unhappy.
The shipments always go out same day or next day, and they always ship via the method I paid for. THANK YOU!

It's amazing that other companies cant seem to get things right.
a LOT of the pricewatch sellers are on here with unanswered bad reviews out the wazzoo, but not Aaronix.
It's a refreshing change that they actually take the time to reply to their
unsatisfied reviews. That's what I consider service after the sale!
It's a real shame more companies dont treat their customers
like they do. A real shame.

Anyone that is in the market for cases, I always point them to Aaronix.
I sincerely hope they get filthy stinking rich so they'll always be
around for me to order from. :)

For you couple of people that are having trouble
with your order, two things:
1. Email them.
2. Dont place an order unless you want the item.
3. If you have a bad item, and it happens, all
these things are mass produced, email them
at least within the same MONTH to let them


I tell you what, these guys mean business.
My sales rep was Peter and after patiently
(thank you!) listening to my sob story about trying to
buy this camera for over a week from
he happily sold me the camera for a great price
and shipped it overnight. In time for my vacation!
AND, without a huge "buy more stuff" sales pitch!
I'm definitely buying from these folks again.
Their customer service is top notch, and I even
got an email with my tracking info on it -
On an overnight shipment! Kudos to
for great service to disgruntled, burned,
exceptionally crabby customers like me that learn
the hard way to check first!


I also ordered the Maha charger and 8 batteries.
(fantastic charger!)
They arrived on time and in a hurry, but without
the car charger adapter. Whoops! So I call them
and the lady on the phone, so very nice, sends me
one out straightaway. What kind of customer
service is that? I expected a hassle and a "You
suck, I got your money already!" but no, these
people are very nice and polite and fixed the
prob in expert fashion. I'm definitely buying from
them again as soon as I'm back from my vacation!
Thanks Thomas Distributing!


--- Do NOT buy from this company! Warning!! ---

These guys are completely rude and their order
tracking is horrific. I ordered a camera from
them with overnight shipping and specific billing
instructions. The first problem is that they
make you call no matter what you order, so even
when you order something it's not really ordered yet.
Ok, so I call and confirm my little $600.00 order
and also confirm with the sales rep that the
billing notice is there and will be handled. The
guy says no prob, thanks (after trying to sell me
a load of crap I didnt need). Three days pass and
no camera so when I call the guy says there's no
billing instructions (WTF??) and they havent
shipped it yet. Thanks to this company's very
unprofessional practices, I have NO camera for my
vacation. Thanks guys! I hope everyone that buys
from you see's what a horrible seller you are
and spends their money elsewhere.

Gold Source


I tell you what, this company can eat crackers in my bed anytime. I ordered a hard disk for an old (ancient)laptop from them along with a power supply for
my laptop. This company not only shipped them BOTH overnight (only one was setup for overnight) but they had the absolute best prices on the net. I cant believe I've never even heard of them before, but now thanks to google I'll be using them for everything on our fleet of laptops. Keep up the good work Laptopexperts!

HTC Netstore


This is my first time ordering from this company, and I was a little worried since their website isnt very professional, but wow! The service was great!
Shipment was fast, accurate, and even arrived 2 days early :)
I'd buy from them again in a heartbeat.
Thanks HTC!


This company has a lot of bad reviews, but so far I've only had three problems with their service.
However, I probably wont do business with them again for these reasons. :(

Three business days from "order" to "ship" and then charge you for three day shipping? Ouch! Thats 6 days before you get your product and it costs more. If I'd known that to begin with I wouldnt have ordered from them.

The order status on their horribly crafted site doesnt work. My items shipped and they still show "processing". Great.

These guys absolutely will not answer a phone. I called from 11am central to 6pm and got nothing but voicemail. :(

Like I said, they've got problems. Overall I'd have to say I'm very dissatisfied with the service. I did get my product, but it's 3 days late and for those 3 days I felt like I was being ripped off because they wouldnt answer the phone.
This is very bad when you have deadlines.
Of course it's up to you to buy from them, but if you want your items in a timely fashion I'd suggest against it.