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DO NOT BUY FROM - Terrible low quality product and customer service.

I did my research on various HID kits and decided to purchase through XenonPros because they participate on a forum I frequent and seemed very reputable at the time. Plus they offered a 1 year replacement warranty.

After receiving the product, I was very disappointed by the poor quality and nothing like it was described on their site. However for the price, I decided to give it a shot and proceeded with the installation. Everything seems to be working fine.

Fast forward 3 months later out of nowhere one of my headlights goes out on my way home from work. After thoroughly inspecting the wiring and bulbs, it turned out to be a bad ballast.

I contacted the owner Jerry Chen and manage to get a response after two different emails (Took nearly 2 weeks to get a response).

He tells me to go ahead and send the ballast back to him for replacement. Next day (November 2nd 2007) I packed everything up and sent it off to him. I also purchased a confirmation just in case it gets lost in the mail. Tracked the package and it arrived at his PO Box on November 6, 2007.

Now its January 1st 2008 and I have yet to receive the replacement part nor any indication that they have sent it. All emails going to Jerry Chen have not been answered. At the moment I am pursuing legal actions to either get the part replaced or for them to take back the piece of junk kit. Thankfully I live only a few hours away from their business.

These guys think that by registering their company under a fictitious name and Australian address they cannot be tracked. However I did a little homework and was able to trace their company back to an office in Walnut, CA.

My advice to anyone looking for an HID kit to stay clear from this company. They will sell you a hyped up low quality product with a useless warranty. And when you have any problems, good luck on getting it replace.

Microfiber Online


I've been detailing cars for over seven years and wanted to purchased some high quality fiber towels that will last. Found MicroFiber Online through Google and made a purchase of 20 towels.

Over all I'm very happy with their customer service and quality of product. I ordered the products on Thursday evening and received it by Saturday afternoon.

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