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All 10 customer reviews

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Mercola is a total crook

I had been buying Mercola's "full-spectrum" fluorescent light bulbs for years. Then suddenly, in the fall of 2016, he put out an article saying that ANY type of fluorescent bulbs are bad for you, and that you should switch to incandescent bulbs instead.

Well, guess what? After that article was published, he KEPT SELLING THE LIGHT BULBS!!!! Even months afterward, he was still selling the harmful fluorescent bulbs. Apparently he didn't want to lose a profit on all the bulbs he already had in stock.

So there you have it—all Mercola cares about is money. He couldn't care less if he puts his customers' health at risk as long as he makes a buck.

Please stay far away from this despicable crook.



Don't tell you when an item is out of stock

I have placed a few orders from this company, and they had been decent until now. But on my last order, they let me add items to my cart even though they were out of stock. If I had known they were out of stock, I would've ordered the product from somewhere else.

In the future, I will order from eVitamins only if I can't find the product elsewhere.

Home Depot


Don't EVER believe the delivery dates they promise you

Many months ago, we ordered some vertical blinds for our windows. Way before they were to be delivered, they had promised us a delivery date. And guess what? They didn't deliver on that date. We had to make multiple calls and spent at least an hour of the phone with them, and then the blinds were still at least a week late.

Six days ago, we ordered a Whirlpool electric range because Home Depot promised us that it would be delivered *today*. Well, yesterday, we spent over an hour on the phone with them to try to confirm the delivery, and they finally told us it was on schedule. Then earlier today, they also confirmed it was still going to be delivered. Our delivery window was supposedly about 2 – 6 p.m. But it was about 5 p.m., and nobody had shown up or called, so we gave them a call. After spending about 15 minutes on the phone with them to see what was going on, they gave us some shocking news—it wasn't going to be delivered today at all!! They suddenly pushed the delivery date back a whole week, and probably would've never even bothered to inform us if we hadn't called up to see what was going on. So, being completely fed up, I just canceled the entire order tonight and decided to order from another company instead, who will be delivering the appliance to us 3 days sooner than Home Depot would have.

Home Depot is a complete nightmare. Whenever you call, it's almost impossible to speak to an agent. You get disconnected, transferred to the wrong department, and then when you actually do get to talk to someone, they usually don't have a clue and give you the wrong information. And sometimes the agents can't even speak English.

Please avoid Home Depot like the plague. If I can help it, I don't ever plan to make a major purchase from them in the future.

The Probiotic Jar


Inflated shipping

I bought a product from The Probiotic Jar, and they inflated my shipping by about $8. How do I know? I went and checked the rates over at FedEx. Not only that, their products are very expensive, so inflated shipping just makes things even worse.

Nevertheless, they seem to have excellent products and good customer support. So, you just need to decide if it's worth your money to shop with them.

Mountain Rose Herbs


Very slow, don't tell you when items are out of stock, dishonest, and have inflated shipping charges

I had been ordering from MRH for years, but this latest incident was the last straw.

I placed an order a couple of weeks ago, and apparently one of the items was out of stock, even though there was no indication of that on the Web site. But instead of notifying me and asking me what to do, like a decent company would, they just shipped my order and then on the invoice indicated "out of stock -- you will need to reorder this item." I was shocked. I sent them an e-mail and told them this was unacceptable and poor customer service, and then they made the following excuses: 1) they don't notify you when items are out of stock because it may "slow" down their process (which seems like a joke, because they are already pathetically slow); 2) they only notify you if at least 25% of your order is out of stock; 3) they "try" to keep their Web site up to date, but sometimes it's not "possible" to know for sure if an item is in stock. Yeah, right. Pathetic.

And here are some other problems I've had with them in the past:

1) As I mentioned, this company is SLOW. Once you place an order, it is not unusual for them to take 4 business days or more to actually ship it.

2) They are dishonest with some of their products. For instance, last year I ordered some ground Ceylon cinnamon, but what they shipped me was actually the much cheaper cassia cinnamon instead under a false label, and then they played dumb, blaming it on a "new supplier." And they also claim to carry "arrowroot," which in spite of their labeling is not true arrowroot at all, which always comes from the island of St. Vincent in the Caribbean. Their "arrowroot" is cassava starch or something similar that is much cheaper, but definitely not true arrowroot.

3) Their shipping charges are outrageous, and I suspect that they inflate them.

Anyway, please do yourself a favor and don't do business with this company. I'm so glad I'm moving on and won't have to deal with them anymore.

Organic Valley


Organic Valley has some good products, but their Organic Prairie turkeys almost never have a complete set of giblets, as the package claims. The one I bought last week had only half a giblet and half a heart, and no liver at all! Pathetic. And the turkey is so expensive too. Then when you call their toll-free number and tell them about it, they just give a weak apology and often don't even offer you any coupons.

Some of their products are worth buying, but they are very dishonest when it comes to the giblets with their organic turkeys. This has been going on for *years*. They say they will look into the process, but they never, ever change anything. If I could buy another brand of organic turkey, I would.

Recently, I tried to submit a review of their turkeys on their Web site, but it never showed up. So, I tried again. Guess what—my second review never showed up either. Apparently they only publish *positive* reviews. Outrageous. OV seems to be completely dishonest and untrustworthy. Avoid them whenever possible.

Tropical Traditions


Tropical Traditions offers some good products, although I think some of them are overpriced. Anyway, I'm generally satisfied with their products, with some exceptions. For instance, their raw honey contains no pollen, unlike most truly raw honeys. I find that to be deceptive. And I think their eggs are a ripoff. The last time I bought some, the yolks were all pale. I have never bought eggs from a local farmer that had pale yolks, even in the winter. Furthermore, they merely call their chickens "cage-free," not "free-range." If their chickens really have access to the outside, then why not call them "free-range"? Besides, even "cage-free" chickens often live in very crowded conditions. I'm skeptical that TT's vastly overpriced eggs really come from hens that get to run around outside in the sun. I do not plan to order any eggs from them again.

Concerning TT's Web site, it is very clunky and slow. And the navigation drop-down menus are just plain awful. Trying to shop on their Web site is often a very frustrating experience.

Worse, their customer service is rather poor. They're generally pretty slow in getting back to you, if they even get back to you at all. For instance, I recently called them and left a message, but they never bothered to return my call. How's that for customer service? In addition, they seem to hide their toll-free number (it's very difficult to find on their Web site), and you can rarely talk to a live person. They tell you to just leave a message. Frankly, as much business as this company seems to do, I think it's crazy you can't call and talk to someone. I think they need to hire more people and place more emphasis on customer service. They seem very cheap to me--maybe they should focus more on pleasing customers and less on maximizing their profits.

However, the biggest problem I have with Tropical Traditions is their dishonesty concerning allowing comments on their Web site. Let me explain. TT offers a lot of different recipes using coconut products on their Web site. However, even though they pretend to publish honest comments, it's all just an act. It turns out that they only want *compliments* on their recipes, not honest, constructive criticism. I guess the red flag is that they say all comments on their recipes must be "approved" first. I have never seen another recipe Web site where comments have to be approved first. Is TT that insecure about its recipes???

Anyway, I tried one of their cookie recipes, and had a terrible time with it. It came out more like muffin/cake batter than cookie dough. (I had to add 1 1/4 cups *more* flour than what was specified in the recipe just to get a decent cookie dough!!!) I submitted a comment, saying that I thought the ratio of wet to dry ingredients was seriously out of whack and that the recipe was more like a muffin recipe, but it never showed up. Several days later, I asked why. One of their employees e-mailed me and said that they "couldn't find" my original comment (how convenient), so I had to type up yet another one and send it to her. Well, she never responded to my e-mail, and my new comment never showed up either. So, I e-mailed the woman once again and asked why it hadn't shown up, but she just played dumb, not answering my question. Instead, she just tried to rationalize the recipe, saying that the dough was supposed to be "very, very soft" (which was indicated nowhere in the recipe), and offering to help me find additional recipes that might suit me. But she would not answer my question about why she wouldn't approve my comments. I finally said to her that if Tropical Traditions won't approve honest, constructive criticism of their recipes (while pretending to), then they are being very dishonest. She did e-mail me back--she was certainly polite, but consistently played dumb once again. For instance, she kept saying that TT welcomes honest feedback, but would never address the fact that they wouldn't approve my comments. IOW, she kept talking out of both sides of her mouth. She was definitely very good at sugarcoating TT's dishonesty and discreetly avoiding the issue while at the same time acting like she was being accommodating.

So, in a nutshell, TT only wants glowing reviews of their recipes. If one of their recipes flops for you, they don't want you telling others about it, meaning that they don't care if it flops for others too. In other words, your time, sweat, money, and tears are not important to them--they only seem to care about their own reputation. But I think the biggest reason for their dishonesty is MONEY. They're trying to use their recipes to sell coconut products, and I suspect they feel that negative ratings of their recipes will affect their bottom line. I would recommend avoiding their recipes in general, because you never know if they will turn out or not, since TT suppresses any honest negative feedback. And then they play dumb when you ask why your comments haven't shown up. I had a terrible time with their cookie recipe--I've never seen "cookie dough" that was so runny. But the worst part is definitely TT's dishonesty. If they're being dishonest about this matter, then who knows what else they're being dishonest about? Furthermore, based on their own testimony on their Web site, they call themselves devout Christians, so let's add "hypocrisy" to the list of the flaws of this company as well.


MIller's Organic Farm has some good products (and some not so good). It offers raw, grass-fed dairy and grass-fed meat, along with many other products. I've rarely had a problem with their meats, but their cream cheese and creme fraiche are usually soupy and not worth buying. It's also not unusual for some of their items to be underweight. For instance, I've sometimes weighed a "quart" of their cream on my digital scale, only to find that it actually weighed about 30 ounces, instead of 32. In addition, their pumpkin seeds are grown in China. Unfortunately, their customer service is poor as well. It's often very hard to talk to a live person. And then when you leave a message, at least half the time they don't even bother to call you back.

This place rakes in a ton of money, but they seem very greedy. For instance, one time they overcharged me by almost $70 on an order. When I pointed it out, what did they do? They just said sorry--that's it. They never offered to do anything to make it up to me, apart from subtracting the charge. (Companies with good customer service will offer you a free gift or something like that because of the inconvenience you suffered.) They don't seem to have any appreciation of their customers, and have zero common sense about how to treat them. They just seem to take you for granted, as if you should be grateful that they *allow* you to do business with them. Also, no matter how much you order from them, they will never give you any kind of discount, as many companies do. And one time they sent me the wrong item, and then they expected me to pay the postage to return it!! How cheap can you get? I told them no way, and made them send me a label--it was still nervy of them to ask me to return it, though. Many companies will say, "It was our mistake—just keep it." In addition, whenever you order a certain quantity of a product and they're out of that size, they put the larger quantity of the product on your order and charge you the full price for the larger amount! They should just charge you for the smaller size that they're out of. They could certainly afford to do so. Frankly, all they seem to care about is money, even though they give lip service to Christian principles in some of their newsletters. As the saying goes, actions speak louder than words.

Lately, their eggs seem to have really dropped in quality. Their yolks used to almost all be deep orange, but now most of them are as pale as supermarket yolks. I'm not sure it's even worth ordering eggs from them anymore--a better bet is to find a local farmer to do business with.

To sum up, some of their products are very good, but not all of them. They also seem really cheap and greedy, and their customer service is seriously lacking.

Diamond Organics


I placed an order with Diamond Organics a few days ago. About 15 minutes after placing my order (it was after hours, so I couldn't call them), I sent them an e-mail asking them to add one item to my order. As I just learned today, apparently they never did it.

The next day (Friday), they called and told me they were out of potatoes, and that they would call me back on Monday to let me know the availability. Over the weekend, I decided that I could do without the potatoes and wanted to substitute something else. So, I called and left them a message on Saturday. When I talked to one of their customer-service representatives today, she said she had no record of that information.

With Diamond Organics, don't ever send them an e-mail or leave them a message. It's like sending it to outer space. I don't know what their problem is, but I've certainly learned my lesson. It seems they are incapable of handling any information that isn't relayed directly over the phone to a representative. And when you call them, sometimes they place you on hold for a long time.

My order hasn't arrived yet, but I sure hope there aren't any further problems.

The Health Depot


One of the items I ordered turned out to be out of stock (they didn't tell me this when I ordered), so they shipped the order without it (without asking me if that was OK). Then after they sent the order, they said if I still wanted the item, I would have to pay extra shipping and handling!!!! What a ripoff.