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All 38 customer reviews

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Sell stuff they do not have??? WHY WASTE MY TIME

I saw them on Google add's showing a cheap price but it was clickbait..

I went through their entire checkout which does not included Paypal or Amazon (Why)

Then they cancel my order, So I wasted my time, not a quick checkout..

They now have my credit card info and I am sure i am on their mailing list so it was a big win for them and a huge waste of time for me..

Not impressed .. Maybe a new company but they need better inventory systems and better check out options ..

Street Moda


Amazing ... Easy... Did I tell ya about how good a deal this place is ..

This has become a place that i enjoy shopping ... Pricing is good .. FREE Ship Coupons make things good but the quality of the items are awesome.. I have had to call Customer service one on my 6 orders .. They were great.. So Thumbs Up..



You Pay for Quality

I feel bad every time I shop here but the process is always flawless

Wife and Daughter like their makeup

I still do not understand how a small item is so expensive but makes my girls happy and it is easy to shop here..

They have great coupons

They give you amazing updates and best of all they deliver the stuff on time..

4 Wheel Parts


Lots of Options.. but don't expect a deal

This is a place that you go when you need 4x4 parts and you want the ability to return..

I am not a fan but I have spent at least $1000 buck at 4 Wheel parts or via their website this year..

My biggest complaint is they charge you for Rush service $10 and they always fail to deliver on time.. they say 5 days but they then add 24 hours to process and 12 hours for payment and only count every second day..

The cool bit is you can take items back to the store.. Which is amazing for me .. My local store always take care of me but I seem to order online ..

Tire Rack


Always a Dream Purchase

I have no idea how TireRack can make every purchase wonderful and still keep the cost so great..

I just ordered 4 Pirelli tires for less than half of what Discount Tire Quoted me .. HOW..

Fast Shipping

Great Service

Amazing Products

Good Prices


Not Good Not bad ................................just useless...

I have ordered from Rock Auto about a dozen times..

If you are looking for small light parts it can be a great place.. Mostly shipping is pretty fast

Heavy items seem to have ridiculous shipping prices..

The big issue I have is them listing parts and taking orders for parts they do not have.. Especially with parts for exotic and classic cars..

I have some rare imports that they always fail to deliver on or they send the wrong part and customer unservice dept is never good..

They are the Walmart of Auto parts.. just the prices are never as good as Walmart..


Great Pricing.. Amazing Service .. a must have for any Automotive Dude

I normally buy from the cheapest price but I have to say customer service at Speedway is hands down better than Summit ...

I bought an item that turned up beaten up and i needed it for a Baja trip, they shipped a new item and got it to me on time..

Anybody can resell stuff but .. Service is amazing..



Wonderful Experience

Needed some parts.. they had great prices .. low shipping so I ordered it..

Got a little confused by the not in stock email but called customer service few minute wait they said it was shipping today ..

So all good across the board..


Great at taking Orders - fail to delivery (Must be run by a man)

Great order process.

Great Price

Nothing .... Nothing ... Nothing.,,

Order canceled.. ... Refund has not come through yet... no idea why..


Slow shipping... no customer service.... broken product...

Ordered in November fook weeeks to arrive..

Then one of the two items where broken, emailed support "crickets" emailed again.. nothing called on the phone.. could not get a live person.

Cheap sites are hit and miss but this one should be a no go.. I have spent ages contacting them over a broken $2.50 cent item..

iTechdeals aint no deal.. just frustration and bad service


For an online transaction these guys hit the ball out oif the park.

First the price was way less that local store.. Saved $50

Secondly over xmas they still got the item across the country in less than 3 days (with free shipping,..

Third they provided updates etc to ensure i knew what was going on..

It is very rare to get all three form an online retailer, most of the time you give up speed or service for a cheap price but not here..

Very satisfied with my purchase.. I will be returning to buy more..

The GPS Store


Great Experience and $25 bucks cheaper than Amazon & Walmart..

Did I mention fast shipping and Amazing customer service.

I got a personal email from Scott on Sunday , a follow up form Ashley to personally confirm everything..

Great GPS .. Great Price..

DealExtreme - DX


I have ordered form them a few times for small stuff that is not important

Ordered a iPad case Dec 1st ( xms Present) got back order messages on Dec 12th .. Over the next 2 weeks I got 5 more emails none of them telling me what was on back order just a number..

Tried to email back and call customer service to get money back.. Refund finally processed on March 4th..

4 months to give me money back for something they never shipped for Xmas..

Disappointed.. but that is what you get for dealing with companies in china

posted Mar-04-2014

A rep from DealExtreme - DX,,has responded

“Dear Customer,

Sorry for any inconveniences.
We found you bought two items in this order, we shipped on item to you and you received it on 17th Jan, we don't ship item 204637 because it is not in stock till now, this item has been waiting for supplier long.

We cancelled it and saved the money as store credit into your DX account. Thanks for your understanding.

Best Regards”




I ordered two presents the first week of December giving 3 weeks for the products to arrive..

I wake up today to find an email saying they had an inventory glitch and will not be sending them..

Mistakes happen however most companies do not wait until 3 days before Xmas to tell you they screwed up..

I have had other orders delays, Amazon told me they cannot make Xmas but they can ship in January.

Useless Tanga just send a horrible form letter and to make matters worse, they have yet to answer the email I sent them earlier in the week. Asking for an update they just cancel the order and expect me to be happy about having to now go shopping a few days before Xmas..

So bad.. I actually think that the Grinch must be running this company as they are finding new ways to ruin peoples Xmas..

Please Note that they are a company of 15 however none of them can count otherwise they would be able to fulfill orders.. DO NOT SELL MORE THAN YOU HAVE..

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posted Dec-23-2013

A rep from Tanga, tanga,has responded

“Hello Oztambo,

I am very sorry that we were unable to ship your item to you. I have just sent you a personal message with some extra goodies.

Tanga Adam”


An Amazing Experience..

My daughter wanted a specific costume it was 30 bucks cheaper here than anywhere else but it was back ordered..

They said will ship on 10/10 I ordered it expecting a cancellation email however they shipped it like promised and provided great tracking etc.

Thank you for a great experience and saving me $30..