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Rating 10/10

I bought $1500 worth of parts from the including some of their PC-3200 RAM. Other than recieving the items alittle slow there was no problems with them. The RAM even overclocked pretty well considering it was so cheap and their value RAM. The only reason my order took so long to ship was that they custom painted every part for me and that takes time. They did however, ship everything as it was ready so I didn't have for all the parts to be finished before I got my order. I also ordered a Radeon 9800 Pro 256MB card pre overclocked and it runs great. And to the person complaining about getting a sapphire card, ATI and Sapphire cards are exactly the same. Choosing one over the other is stupid.

Just recently I placed another order with them for more RAM. This time it was the PC-4400 GEIL RAM. It arrived no problem and I popped it in and it overclocks great. I also ordered a Logitech MX Duo keyboard custom colored. They forgot to put on the high gloss finish and when I contacted them about it they told me they could either refund the extra money I paid for the High Gloss finish or I could ship it back to them. I told them I wanted to ship it back but they would have to pay the shipping cost since they messed up. They agreed but it took 3 weeks to get the return label since the first one was "lost in the mail".

Rating 10/10

I ordered a Smart Joy PS to USB converter. Other than them messing up my address and shipping it to an address that doesn't exist everything was fine. It only took a quick phone call to UPS and the item was delivered the next day.

Rating 10/10

The product arrive very quickly and was very well packed. I'm very pleased with Frys.

Rating 10/10

They shipped everything very quickly, and everything was packed very well. I've done business with them several times and have been satisfied every time.

Rating 8/10

I purchased a Corsair headset and 2 weeks later they broke. I asked for a refund because this is a known issue with this headset and the headset is just too small for a normal person's head. I was told I would get a refund. Then instead of a refund they sent me a new headset. So I used it, only to have the new headset break a month and a half later. When I contacted newegg about the second set breaking I was told there was nothing they could do and they wouldn't give me a refund or replacement.

What a total fraud. First of all they lied to me and told me they would give me a refund when they didn't, then when the replacement they sent me breaks a second time they refuse to do anything for me. I'll be taking my business elsewhere, newegg's customer service is terrible. They obviously don't care about customers. If they cared they wouldn't lie to their customers and refuse to make things right when their junk products break repeatedly.

Follow up: I was contacted by newegg after they saw this review and they have made the situation right. I commend them on their customer service, mistakes happen, and they corrected them and then some. Thank you Newegg!

posted Feb-10-2006

A rep from Newegg.com (USA), ,has responded

“Dear newtekie1,

Thank you for shopping at Newegg. We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding, and we deeply apologize for any inconvenience caused by this unfavorable experience. We are working out the delay issue, and we will find a solution that will benefit our customers when sending in items for replacement. Your feedback is very valuable to us, and we thank you very much.

Please contact Jason at 800-390-1119 (dial 2050 immediately), so that we can help you resolve this issue reasonably.

Thank you,
Newegg Customer Support

Rating 6/10

Will never buy from this retailer again! I spend over $1800 on 5 copies of Windows XP and a copy of Server 2003. When I recieved the package on the packing slip it was written that my copy of Server 2003 was back-order. This was the first I was told this.

I was never informed when I was checking out and even once they realized it was back ordered they didn't contact me to let me know. They also couldn't even tell me how long it will be back-ordered.

It also states on their site that it was shipped with the rest of the order and it give the same traking number. So I have no way of knowing when it will be shipped or any other information about it.

Windows Server 2003 is also still listed on their site as being in stock. Be very careful when ordering from them since they obviously blantently lie to their customers about what they have and don't have in stock. It they are willing to blatently lie about what they have in stock then it really makes me wonder what else they are willing to lie about.

I refuse to do business with liers.

Edit: They contacted me today by e-mail and via phone. The pagckage was shipped one day later and I am supposed to recieve it today according to fedex. I am impressed with them actually contacting me. However, the person pretty much admitted that he only contacted me because of this review. If they would have put forth that much effort and contacted me to inform me of the back-order I would not have even had to post a bad review.