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Can't buy if you can't login!

Haven't been able to login for 3-months. They don't respond to emails and their phone customer service is abysmal. How they stay in business is beyond me. Sure miss that's for sure.



eBay is the most deceitful business on the 'net. If you are sent a wrong item, it's up to you to contact the seller to ask them to send you the money to return the item. If they don't want to send you the money you're out of luck. eBay's "Resolution Dept." is non-existent. Don't do business with them or their sellers! They are ripoffs.


I had a great experience with I needed a Ray-Ban frame with clip on that was not manufactured anymore and found eyenmore on google with the best price. I researched them on google and resellerratings and even called them to verify they could get the frames and that their "in stock" was correct and not just a come-on. Well, spoke with Emma (who is absolutely fantastic, ask for her; also Paris was very helpful) who verified that the frames were "in stock and ready to ship." Well, you know how that goes. However, she convinced me that the frames were, indeed, ready to ship "1-2 days for handling and 1-3 days to arrive." Well, Emma told me the truth and it was exactly the timing that it took (ordered on 7/25, they emailed confirmation, and on 7/27 got email that they had shipped and got them on 7/30, Brooklyn to Central Valley California in three days!! I was skeptical as I opened the box (item(s) boxed nicely including a hardshell Ray-Ban case, cleaning cloth, neatly plastic wrapped) and it was exactly as advertised. My only slight complaint was that the clip on temple was different than my original clip (this is my second pair of these particular frames), but I think it looks better than the original clip on! Based upon my experience and the help I received from Emma, I can recommend eyenmore to others. Advice: stay far away from go-optic, who are liars and extremely rude (see their ratings). Ask for Emma if you wish, she is grand!!! Note: my experience may be an exception but their rating of almost 8 of 10 says a lot especially for an online specialty shop. Your experience may vary. But if you are wary, call Emma or Paris who are very helpful and quick to follow-up.


I realize that 3.89 out of 10.0 people have had a positive experience with this company, but the 7.11 bothers me. They don't reply to emails about a product you want. When they hear of a lower price match all-of-a-sudden the product is not in-stock (I've tried 3 such requests under different names/emails). It's, quite frankly, a wonder they are in business at all. They are rude in chat, they are rude on the phone, they are just plain rude. I really wanted the older frame replacement but when they said they could get that in stock and I mentioned the price match, the frames are suddenly "unavailable." They don't respond on to resellerratings complaints as most reputable companies do and google ratings won't even touch them, and the BBB has them rated "F". Go for it if you feel lucky. Personally, I'd avoid them like the plague...

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