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I placed my order on the evening of 5 July. The order was processed on 6 July and I received my knives on 8 July. I could not possibly be happier.

Cambridge World


I ordered a Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II lens on 9 May. On 11 May I received an e-mail asking me to call "Steve." No explanation, just a request to call. I called and was patched through to someone who never identified themselves. I was asked what model camera I use, upon providing that information I was told:

"I do not have any demo Canon 50mm lenses for that model in stock. I can sell you a new one for $20 more."

There are multiple things wrong with this.
One, a Canon 50mm lens will fit on any Canon camera made after 1987 so computability would not be a problem.
Two, nowhere on the site does it say that the lens was supposed to be a demo lens. Here is the entire text of the page:

"This is the lightest EF lens of all at a mere 130g. Compact and high-performance, standard lens. Its Gaussian optics provide sharp delineation from near to far focusing distances. The color balance is excellent for a standard lens."

The customer service individual, who may or may not have been "Steve" then told me that the lens I had selected was the Mark I and not the current Mark II. Another lie. The Mark I weighs 190g (due to a metal lens mount) while the Mark II weighs 130g (plastic lens mount). Notice that the description for the item says 130g.
I explained to "Steve" that the lens must be a Mark II since the description said it 130g however he persisted that it was not the case and the only way I could get what I had really ordered was to pay an additional $20.
I told him to cancel my order.

In short, avoid this company. This incident reeks of dishonest business practices.

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