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Broken Elmo

First of all, the Elmo I ordered came in a big box and was surrounded with spray foam called SmartFilm. It took me nearly 45 minutes to get this amorphous spray foam from around the Elmo. Once I finished this feat, I found that there were no plugs to go with the Elmo--just the Elmo itself which defeats the purpose of why I bought it in the first place. I am a teacher and in my school the Elmo document camera is hard to come by--if you manage to get one to add technology to your class lessons you usually have to search the entire building for the plugs that come with the Elmo. Instead of going through the fight with other teachers and the hassle of searching for plugs I decided to order my own Elmo. The thing could barely be held together--the headpiece that contains the lens would not even hold itself up and the button to zoom in and out didn't even work. After testing it with a collleagues wires I was completely annoyed and bothered that I was duped out of $79.99. I work hard and long for my money and don't appreciate being tricked into purchasing a device that looks like it hasn't worked in years. Perhaps that is the reason they shipped it in mounds and mounds of spray foam--to protect the fact that it was shipped to me broken. I am the kind of person that doesn't bother with reshipping items back and forth across state lines. I will just write this one off as a loss and a disservice to my students who deserve better. This company is full of a four letter word (other than foam)--they are full of $h!t. Do yourself a favor, don't order anything from InnovatePC! I know I won't ever again! Sad thing is that if this Elmo would've worked my school had planned on buying more Elmo's and other products that we could use in an educational setting. Bad business means lost future business!

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