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All 16 customer reviews

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Diamond Multimedia


A pure Scam! They have failed to honor their rebate. If that wasent bad enough their Customer service is aweful. They have failed to respond to many attempts on my part to find out what happened.
Now one of the 4850 cards is dead and I cant even get them to fix it. On the forums there are many people in the same boat as me so all I can do is try to warn as many as possible to stay away from this company.


I have bought parts from them now several times. I am very impressed by their speed of delivery as well as how quickly they send notice of receipt of order and order shipped.
Excellent job Sidewinder, be back soon.


What terrible service. I ordered a monitor on the 7th and it is now the 10th and hasent shipped yet.
When I tried the online chat to cancel the order I was told by Walter that even though they hadent shipped it yet there was no way I could cancel the order.
When I called them directly I was told they could put in a request to cancel it but it would take 1 to 2 days to find out if it had been canceled.

STAY AWAY from What a terrible experience this is.

Sundial Micro


$14 for 2 day shipping of a single 80mm fan?
OK I knew that from the start and had to have the fan so I paid it. But when it got here today the box had Black Sharpi writing on it and had been opened.
At least it works and I really needed it today.

(still $29 for a single 80mm Silverstone fan is nutts)

Pretty sure I wont be going back.

posted Jun-05-2007

A rep from Sundial Micro, yfk,has responded

“Dear Mark:

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the review and also would like to clarify the shipping charge and the used parts issue that you mentioned on this review.

First of all, we would like to assure you that the fan we shipped you was BRAND NEW fan straight from the manufacture. The fan that you ordered was black color version which manufacture use the same box as silver version with silver fan photo on it. So to avoid shipping the incorrect color, we put a "B" writing on all black fan boxes to indicate the real fan color contained in the boxes first thing we received them from the manufacture. And before we ship them out we opened the box to take a peak to double check the color to make sure we ship the correct color. So if you take a close look at the fan box, you will see the fan box does not indicate which color version it is and the photo printed on the box is silver fan for the black version. That’s why we need to take those extra steps to make sure the correct color shipped. However, the fan contain in the box was brand new straight from the manufacture.

Regards to the shipping charge, we are sorry that the freight that charged by UPS was $14 for 2ND DAY AIR. We did not make any profits on the freight.

If you have any other questions or concerns about your order, please feel free to contact us at 909-987-8669. Thank you.

Customer Service
Sundial Micro, Inc.

Tap Plastics


Awesome dosent do them justice. i have been pretty disappointed lately by LOUSEY customer service from a few online retailers.

TAP plastics has definitely made my day. This is now my second order and BOTH showed up the day after I placed them with standard UPS ground.

Congrats to TAP for the great service and please other online retailers follow their example.

Online Metals


Rip-Off. Besides many mistakes on previous orders I was charged for the shipping costs of metal I never received.

They failed to notify me that a part of my order wasnet in stock (even though I specifically put a note in when I ordered the order saying to cancel the order if any part of it wasent in stock)

Ok so I open the box and its missing the most important piece. I call them up and am told the part will be in that day (5 days later) and when i tell the guy I need it immediately he chuckles. I was told they called me but never received any call, turns out they called the wrong #.

So no prob I say cancel the part and I will go somewhere else. I check to see if there was a credit issued and notice they still charged me for the shipping of the part that wasent sent.

Their web site is cool and easy to work with but their customer service is awful.
(thats not even including the "ripping me off part"


At first I wanted to start with a bunch of 4 letter words showing how upset I was. but than I thought about it and realized what was the point of a review if all it consisted of was ranting?

So I am REALLY disappointed in the quality of service from SVC. I ordered a VERY IMPORTANT part Fri. and paid Overnight for it. I received a call a few hours later telling me that they were gonna charge me less and it would still be here Sat.
Cool, save money and gets here next day.

Ok now its Sat and no part. I figured ok Mon for sure, Nope. Now its Tuesday and still no part.
Like I mentioned several times to the SVC staff it was REALLY REALLY important that I get this part quickly.

So finally I calmed down and called them and was told "GET THIS"- because they wernt very busy my part never got shipped out till Monday.?????

This is now the 3rd time I have had a problem with SVC and shipping. Three strikes and ur out guys, never going back.

EDIT: 1 day delay?? Your employee said I would receive it Saturday...It showed up Wed. (thats quite a bit more than 1 day)
And how exactly do you make up for those days lost waiting for the part? (you cant)

posted May-24-2007

A rep from Silicon Valley Compucycle, svcstore,has responded

“We apologize for the delay. There was an unexpected problem with our USPS mailing found after hours resulting in a one day delay in those packages. This is a error on our part and we are willing to do whatever is neccessary to correct the problem. We have contacted the customer back in attempt to rectify this situation. Please feel free to contact us regarding this matter. Thank you.”



Awesome Company. Not only did the order get here quickly but I placed 2 separate orders within a hour and on their own they combined them and sent me a $10 refund for excess shipping.
A BIG thumbs up to awesome service.


I ordered a stick of memory and it was a very good deal and was well packed. However I was a little disappointed that it took 6 days to get from Texas to Nevada. I have sent parts to Europe and Australia in 4 days and paid similar postage.
I did appreciate the email I received from them asking how things went. Nice personal touch.

posted May-15-2007

A rep from, axiontech8,has responded

“If you take out Saturday and Sunday then it was only 4 days. UPS Ground does not run on the weekends and does not have a guaranteed delivery time like UPS 3 day, 2 day, and overnight. Also, you didnt have to pay any type of postage, the item had free UPS Ground shipping. =p



The ABSOLUTE worst customer service I have ever seen. On their front page they say "Orders over $125 are shipped free"
So I ordered a bunch of fans to make the order over $125. When I paid for the order they charged me for shipping.
I opened a support ticket immediately ( IYJ-645373)and received no responce the next day, I called the store and left a message and it wasent returned.
I made another support ticket saying if they were charging shipping to cancel the order and also received no response. Finally I called 3 days later and someone answered the phone. The person said the order had not been shipped yet so I asked for a third time to cancel it.
I will NEVER order another thing from them again.

This is the second time I had trouble with them (out of 2 orders)

posted May-23-2007

A rep from Moddersmart / Tyler Indus, pako,has responded

“Customer did not enter coupon code into cart when placing order therefore the shipping was not deducted. The support ticket was opened at 10pm the night of the order and answered less than 48hours after his inquiry. His refunded on April 30. I have posted the support ticket dialog below.

The other two times he ordered from us he blamed us for the delay of the United States Postal Service and Fedex. I have also posted those support ticket dialog below. Also, are average shipping time which is stated on our website is 3 business days. This customer prior two orders went out same day.

Posted on May 19 2006 03:12 AM

I paid $19 shipping for $7 hose and I am still waiting, whats the point of the overpriced shipping? I will definately remember this next time I need to place an order

Order #: 9572
Date: 05/17/2006


Posted on May 19 2006 11:42 AM

Your package left our warehouse the same day you placed your order. Your tracking number is EO 009 188 590 US. You may want to contact the Post office to find out where your package is and why its delayed.
Best Regards,

Voyeurmods Customer Support

Email: IP:

Posted on Nov 05 2006 02:23 PM
See the thing is I didnt Pay the post office. I paid you . Dont worry it wont happen again .



Posted on Feb 13 2007 11:18 AM
I paid a lot of money to get this before 10:30 am and its not here.

Posted on Feb 13 2007 12:22 PM
You have every right to be. I have tracked your package and here is the information I receive:

Delivered: 02/13/2007 10:47 AM Signed for By: Signature Release on file; SUN VALLEY, NV; Left at front door. Package delivered to recipient address

Please check your front door and let me know. I will also file for a delivery failure with fedex.

Please let us know when you receive your package.
Best Regards,

Customer Support


Third Order
Posted on Apr 25 2007 09:01 PM
Your site said free shipping on orders over $125, mine was but I was charged shipping anyways. Please refund the shipping cost or cancel the order, thanks. Mark

Posted on Apr 26 2007 04:07 PM
I cant believe you havent responded to this ticket yet. Please cancel the order immediately. This is now the second time (out of 2 orders ) that I have had a problem with your co.


Posted on Apr 27 2007 09:10 AM
Your order has been canceled per phone call.
Best Regards,

Moddersmart Customer Support





I ordered a Power supply from and there was a $40 rebate through

I sent in the correct paperwork and 2 weeks lter I received a email saying my address didnt match up.
I have sent in for rebates several times before on onrebate agreeing to pay them to expedite my rebate.
This time I did not. I have contacted then several times and received no reply and their phone # goes to a recording that offers no help as well.
In their email they said I needed to remedy this in 30 days but there is no way to contact them.
I will no longer shop at Radioshack or anyone who uses for their rebate service.

Performance PC's


I was disappointed that the fan controller I ordered wasent the one they advertised. Physically it was the same but it was shown as Enermax and I received one labeled Sunbeam.
I was offered my money back.


I ordered a New Asus MoBo overnight. They only charged me $12 for overnight shipping. And it came next day, thanks Frys.

Just Deals


Flatout Fraud! Beware!!! After reading similar reviews of others that sent parts back using USPS Priority mail that were never received I have come to the conclusion that if you do not use UPS with tracking they receive your item and do not issue you credit.
If there is no way to prove it on your part you are out of luck.

Please BEWARE or this Companies FRAUDULENT practices.