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I have been a customer of this website for several years now, and have been nothing but satisfied... until now.

I placed an order at the end of November on the site; it allowed me to enter my cc info, order placed.

A few days later, I received an email indicating that they couldn't process my brand of cc (though my choice of card was an option in checkout), instead I would have to use a check.

They offered to send 30 pills extra for my inconvenience. So I used a check of course. Two days later I received an email saying that my order was cancelled... because their check verification service (which I've verified numerous orders through) was supposed to call my number to verify the check. They never did. This meant that my original order and the offer of 30 extra pills was cancelled, rendered null and void.

This upset me; and I retaliated by shooting off a few angry emails (I kept it professional) followed up by an immediate re-ordering of the pills (hey, after so many years of reliability, I figured this previous experience HAD to be an anomaly).

I was sent a confirmation email with tracking information that the USPS tracker says doesn't exist. They say on the site that it takes 10-20 days to receive your order, and it usually arrives in that time frame. Well, I placed the second order on the 12th of Dec... It is the 22nd of Jan; day 41... no pills.

I've sent numerous emails inquiring the whereabouts of my purchase, have yet to get a response. Upon calling the phone number associated, no one answers EVER, you must leave a message.

To recap, I was offered 30 pills for my original inconvenience, they reneged on that, I reordered, got a confirmation with a tracking number that isn't valid, sent emails about my concerns, haven't heard from them yet, order was to be received within 20 days... it's been 41.

I want a refund if I cannot get what I paid for. BUYER BEWARE, THIS WEBSITE IS NOT WHAT IT USED TO BE. I will update this review as things develop, because I can't allow what has happened to me happen to any of you.

posted Jan-29-2015

A rep from, xcheap-rx,has responded

“Dear customer loyalcustomer001, thank you for your review. We are extremely sorry that you were facing problems with our check processing company in verifying the transaction for your order. I would like to mention that the transaction for the order you placed on December 12, 2014 was cancelled due to the fact that you indicated wrong account number, not because our check processing company could not reach you by phone as you mentioned in your review. We always contact our customers in a timely manner in case of any problems with check processing. You were contacted within 2 days because your order was placed on Friday, the check was verified next day and due to the fact that our office is closed on Saturdays and Sundays we e-mailed you on Monday.

For your next order placed on December 30, 2014 you indicated all information correctly and the transaction was successfully approved by our check processing company. The order was shipped after the check was processed and validated. As it is stated on our site check processing and validation takes in average 4-5 BUSINESS days. Thus your order was shipped on January 12, 2015. Tracking number assigned to your package was correct, the information was already updated on USPS Site. You should receive this order by February 2 as latest. We replied to all your e-mails in a timely manner, most probable our e-mails were blocked by spam filters of your e-mail address.
Due to the time zone difference we are not available to receive the phone calls of our customers, but we always receive the voice messages and questions and inquiries of all customers who call are answered and resolved in a timely manner.
Regarding FREE pills we promised you, placing your new order you should have mentioned in comment filed that we owe you several free pills due to the troubles with your previous order and the pills would have been added to your new order.

You are loyal customer for a long time and received numerous orders from our company. We are sorry to realize that due to a
misunderstanding and small delay which doesn't depend on us you have changed your opinion about our company.

Customer satisfaction is our primary concern and to compensate the inconveniences you had with our check processing company we will ship you 50 FREE pills at your choice. Please e-mail us at our e-mail address and inform what pills you prefer and we will do the needful.
We sincerely hope that you'll change your opinion about our company and will remain our loyal customer for a long time.

According to our records and to the tracking results on USPS your order was delivered in a timely manner to your correct address.
Your business is much appreciated and we are looking forward to your new valued orders!”

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