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All 9 customer reviews

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Not sure what people are complaining about. Most merchants are setup to handle maybe a few thousand orders a day. If you send 100,000 there way, expect major hiccups.

Insight shipped one order and cancelled the other on me. Shipping confirmation was within a few hours of business day starting and cancellation was by end of business day. Not bad I would say. Insight's customer service responded to my emails within a matter of minutes.

If anyone, HP should take heat for dropping the ball here and catching retailers off-guard.


I ordered a refurb computer from pacificgeek. First, they said it will take them more than ten days to ship the order. Then when I cancelled the order before it got shipped they only refunded me the money minus the shipping cost. Emails for an explanation have gone unanswered. This place is certainly to be avoided like the plague. I am disputing the transaction via paypal now. DO NOT buy from this store.


I ordered a coax RCA cable just the day before Thanksgiving and it shipped promptly. The shipping service used was UPS Ground instead of UPS 2nd Day Air but their customer service quickly refunded me the money for that error. Product quality is great and price was the lowest.

The Imaging World


I placed an order for a Canon 430 EX II flash but realized I want to research flashes a bit more. Called "The Imaging World" and the person on the phone immediately agreed to cancel the order without any questions. Very helpful. Will look them up again when I am ready to buy.


I needed a Canon 100-400mm before the Airshow in San Francisco last week. Called K&S and was told people rented everything starting 200mm for the Airshow. Did not bother to call Calumet because if K&S had nothing there was little chance with Calumet. Panicked, started googling for other lens rental places and came across Borrowlenses. Throughout the process of renting and returning the lens, I was VERY sceptical. There rentals were $40 for three days against $30 or so per day for other stores. I booked the lens and got a call immediately from Max confirming the order. Now I was thinking that one there rents are SO low and they have the lens when no one else has. If the place is so good how come they did not get sold out earlier. Anyway, I reach the San Mateo location that is designated for the local pickup and turns out that the location mentioned on the website is not the same. Again, I start sensing foul play. Max calls and says he can meet me wherever I am near the San Mateo caltrain station. Another bell rings in my brain. The guy is offering to locate me and deliver the lens. Finally, I meet Max at this coffee place and check the lens. It is nicely boxed and looks clean. I used it for three days all the while worrying what will happen when I return it. Maybe it is a scam shop and they will charge me hundreds of dollars in fake repairs. I had already read that one bad review left where they had to charge this guy for front element repair. I returned the lens and a day later my order showed completed!! That's it. For $40, I got to use a Canon 100-400mm USM IS lens for three days and the BEST service ever. Borrowlenses is SUPER. If these guys keep their service levels high and honest, I am sure people won't mind paying more for it. Keep it up, Max & Co. Goodluck.


Great seller, fast shipping and great prices. Highly recommended.

KEH Camera


Great collection of used equipment and very reasonable prices. I ordered a Tamron 28-200mm LD IF Super lens for Minolta. Shipping was fast and the product quality is good too. The web-site is easy to navigate and in my opinion they do a great service by being a dependable store for used equipment that very honestly rates equipment quality. I would definitely pay a premium to KEH over any eBay buys.

Beach Camera


Since I am in India, I had my cousin buy me a Canon 300D from this store. My cousin went to the store and reported that in the store they wouldn't open the box and display the contents!! But looking at resellerratings, we still decided to order online. Even with the $0 shipping, the item was shipped promptly and we received it in three days. Fast service but I wish they were more customer-friendly. The only reason I chose Beach over B&H was that Beach was selling the Canon 300D at $70 lower than B&H and with free shipping.

B&H Photo-Video


Purchased a lens filter and Canon 300D extra batteries. Had a initial hiccup with credit card verification since I ordered from India but went smoothly after verification. Phone support was very helpful. The second order was also shipped promptly. Good price, great equipment collection and very dependable service. However, I didn't order the Canon 300D from B&H because I found a lower price at Beachcamera - about $70 difference.